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Randy Foye
Randy Foye
Position: -
Born: 09/24/83
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:210 lbs. / 95.3 kg.
Earnings: $34,106,401 ($45,130,807*)
“He’s Mr. Villanova to all of us. You kind of have a feeling, but I was shocked. Everyone who saw that story texted me about it,” says Randy Foye, who was Wright’s first NBA player from the Villanova program and who still keeps in close contact with his former coach. “What I see him doing is going somewhere in a team president role where he could do both, build a team and be the coach. He could run a Fortune 500 company if he wanted to.”
For so long he clung to the hope that his mother would still be alive but also dreaded if that were true — where had she been and why did she leave? But this is far from a sad day for Foye. He has his mother again. This will be his best Mother’s Day yet. “This is definitely a happy ending,” Foye says in an emotional interview with ESPN. “Yeah, you didn’t get the Disney and the ‘I just won a Super Bowl’ ending. But all that time of just debating and questioning yourself and questioning your mom’s morals, thinking that she left and didn’t come back … now you know that she was there all along but she ran into a little problem that cost her her life.
6 years ago via ESPN
“He couldn’t go into details,” Foye said. “[But it was an] overdose. She was found in an apartment building where they pick up and buy drugs. It was known for distribution of drugs. January of 1990.” Regina Foye’s body had been buried in Kings County in Brooklyn. For the first time in Foye’s life, things began to make sense. His mother didn’t abandon him and his brother for another family. She died and was resting in the same borough where Foye was now playing for his seventh NBA team.
6 years ago via ESPN