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Rashard Lewis
Position: -
Born: 08/08/79
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:214 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Earnings: $155,332,815 ($190,774,809*)

The BIG3 halfcourt basketball tour has booked a July 20 date at AmericanAirlines Arena, the first time the weekly tournament of former and fringe active NBA players will appear in South Florida. The league, founded by Ice Cube, last season featured several former Miami Heat players in its inaugural year, such as Jason Williams, Mike Bibby, Ricky Davis, Rashard Lewis, Marcus Banks, Kendall Gill, Mike James and the late Rasual Butler, with former Heat guard Gary Payton among the coaches.
In 2016, Tobias Harris was hailed as a difference-making midseason acquisition. He was Van Gundy’s new Rashard Lewis, a stretchy four man who could space the floor. Until he didn’t. Harris connected on 34.7 percent of his three’s last season, attempting less than four per game. This season the attempts have spiked (career-high 6.1) and his percentage with it. “He’s stepping into three’s without hesitation,” Stan Van Gundy said. “And now you have to close all the way out to him. So he either knocks down a three or he gets more room to beat you off the dribble. I thought he was passing up those shots last year. I thought he was driving the ball into short closeouts. He’s not doing that anymore and that’s made him harder to guard.”
Talent committed to the BIG3 include: Allen Iverson, Chauncey Billups, Gary Payton, Kenyon Martin, Stephen Jackson, Jermaine O’Neal, Rashard Lewis, Jason Williams, Bonzi Wells, Mike Bibby, George “The Iceman” Gervin, Ricky Davis, Al Harrington, Rick Barry, Rick Mahorn, Clyde Drexler, Kenny Anderson, Jamario Moon, Smush Parker, Ruben Patterson and Etan Thomas. Payton, Gervin, Barry, Mahorn and Drexler will serve as coaches, with Iverson serving as a player/coach – the rest are confirmed to play.
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Players who will suit up include Allen Iverson, Chauncey Billups, Kenyon Martin, Stephen Jackson, Jermaine O’Neal, Rashard Lewis, Jason “White Chocolate” Williams, Mike Bibby, Bonzi Wells, Al Harrington and Ricky Davis. George “The Iceman” Gervin and Gary Payton will serve as coaches (and Iverson has confirmed that he’ll be a player/coach). Sources say that the league is currently pursuing other big-name additions who would make headlines (like the Iverson signing did). The league held a press conference announcing Iverson’s decision to join the BIG3 and then went on a subsequent press tour.
Korver set the mark from Nov. 4, 2012 through March 2, 2014. He shattered the previous record of 89 straight games with a 3-pointer held by Dana Barros. Korver is currently ninth all-time in NBA/ABA history with 1,826 3-pointers. He already has jumped Joe Johnson and Rashard Lewis this season and is four away from tying Chauncey Billups (1,830) for eighth place. Ray Lewis is the all-time leader by a wide margin with 2,973 3-pointers.
Rashard Lewis – The last we heard from Lewis, he had a new contract rescinded by the Dallas Mavericks after it was discovered that he would need knee surgery. He’s apparently much better now and is working himself back into shape so that he can have a shot at another NBA contract, preferably the Miami HEAT. Dallas likely won’t be interested in another go at him as they have since signed younger, healthier players with his skillset, but if Lewis could prove he was healthy and nimble enough to play, he’d likely get a few sniffs from teams looking for a veteran stretch four.
This year, Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis remain free agents. Allen is biding his time while waiting to see what team he might fit with, and retirement remains a possibility for the 39-year-old. Lewis is working out, sometimes in Dallas, to recover from a knee problem. “We haven’t talked to him, but I think he’s doing it the right way,” owner Mark Cuban said of Allen. “He’s waiting to see who’s doing well. If it comes down to it, we’d always consider it. We’re always open to improving the team. But you don’t want to mess up a good thing, either. That’s when Caron got hurt and Roddy got hurt. But Peja is a good example,” he said referring to Caron Butler and Roddy Beaubois injuries creating a need for Stojakovic in 2010-11.
It’s well known at this point that the Heat angered LeBron by amnestying Miller not long after Miller helped the Heat repeat as NBA champions in 2013. Miller said earlier this week in Cleveland that LeBron thought the move “was an unnecessary change.” That’s Miller being nice, of course. Really what probably made LeBron most angry is that the Heat amnestied one of his best friends to save money and then squabbled with Miller over money a South Beach bling king stole from Miller and then, in an odd twist, gave to the Heat. It’s a bizarre tale, and one that certainly infuriates Miller, Jones and Lewis. It’s probably not a coincidence then that all three of those players no longer play for the Heat.
New Dallas Mavericks forward Rashard Lewis will soon undergo right knee surgery, his agent told Yahoo Sports. The Mavericks announced the signing of Lewis on July 19 after he agreed to a one-year contract paying the veteran’s minimum. Lewis’ agent Colin Bryant said it’s uncertain how long Lewis will be sidelined. It’s also uncertain if the Mavericks will try to void Lewis’ contract. Lewis’ knee injury was discovered during a physical for the Mavericks. A Mavericks spokesperson declined comment.
Miami will try to fight off elimination in the NBA Finals tonight with Ray Allen in the starting lineup and regular starting point guard Mario Chalmers on the bench. The Heat announced shortly before tipoff in San Antonio they will start LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Rashard Lewis and Allen. They also deactivated Greg Oden and Justin Hamilton, meaning Michael Beasley will be available for the first time in this series.
The trust James has in his teammates — from Dwyane Wade to Bosh to Rashard Lewis — can be amazing. “You know, C.B. had just missed one, got a great look, but if I draw two and his man leaves him again … I went right back to him and he knocked it down,” James said. “I got a lot of confidence in my teammates and they got a lot of confidence in me and we live with the results no matter what happens.”
Let’s be honest: South Florida fans will jump from sport to sport, from team to team, for any intoxicating partnership with winning. “I think we’ve done a good job of transforming this into a basketball town,” Wade said. “Now when people mention, ‘Miami,’ most of the sports fans around the country think, ‘Heat.’ ” There are 15 players who reflect the residue of this fame in their daily lives. They bump into it everywhere and the attention multiplies now. Chris “Birdman” Andersen gets stopped several times in one grocery trip. Rashard Lewis gets cheers picking up kids from school. “Any restaurant I go in, people clap for me, people want pictures,” guard Norris Cole said. “That’s just how it is now. It’s pretty humbling to have happen to you, but when it happens all the time you figure it’s just part of the playoffs scene.”
In the last four seasons, the Heat have won all three series they have been the road team. In addition to the Pacers and Thunder, they defeated the Chicago Bulls in the 2011 conference finals. “To win a championship, you have to win on road,” forward Rashard Lewis said. “We’re not going to say we’re comfortable [on the road]. If we can get one, we feel like we’ve done our job. … It [homecourt] can be overrated. Getting homecourt, I feel like it is a little added pressure because you have to win. You have to win at home.”
Lewis said he will discuss his playing future with his agent during the summer. The plan is to play at least “two or three” more years long as it’s in the right situation. He said he wants to remain playing for a contending team. “I’m not going to just continue to play if I’m playing for a team that’s rebuilding with young guys that’s not even a playoff-contending team,” Lewis said. “My whole goal is to continue to play for a team that’s going to compete. I feel like I do have more years left in me.”
“Even as we start the new season, I’m still extremely excited about winning a championship. I’m still focused on trying to get another one this season, we know we have even more of a challenge this year. But at the same, I still lie down at night and think about how San Antonio could have easily won that. It was a couple of seconds away from us walking in to the locker room with our heads down. Ball could of went either way and I’m just thankful that Ray was able to hit that three and we were able to send it to overtime to take it to a Game 7.”
Shortly after 8 p.m. Tuesday, the Heat issued a release that announced, “both forward James Jones and forward Rashard Lewis have exercised their player options for the 2013-14 season. Per club policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.” Except . . . those are just two of the three Heat players with player options for next season, with Ray Allen the third. The player-option deadline is Saturday. The reality is that Ray Allen is not opting in.
Allen has been largely mum on the issue of his $3.2 million 2013-14 option, at a stage where a second NBA title could either sate or rejuvenate. As for Lewis, there have been reports that he already has committed to his $1.4 million 2013-14 option. He said, however, that is not the case. “I haven’t agreed to anything,” he said. “I have no idea. The focus is on this year. I haven’t even talked to my agent.”
Evans will be joined by teammates Andray Blatche and Marshon Brooks, as well as Marquis Daniels (Bucks), Rashard Lewis (Heat), Marreese Speights (Cavaliers), Trent Richardson (Cleveland Browns), Derrick Brooks (former Tampa Bay Buccaneer), Justin Gatlin (track star), Michelle Snow (WNBA player) and Johanna Long (NASCAR driver).
Now, eight months later, winning has come easily for the HEAT and it certainly seems like the 33-year-old made the right choice in free agency. Miami has strung together the second-longest winning streak in NBA history with 27 consecutive victories and Lewis couldn’t be happier in South Beach. “It’s been great,” Lewis told HOOPSWORLD. “It’s been a fun season. We have a lot of veterans on this team and we have one goal in mind, and that’s to win the NBA championship. I have great teammates in LeBron, D-Wade, Chris Bosh. They’re by far some of the best teammates I’ve ever had and it’s a great, first class organization. It’s been a lot of fun.”
When asked about the situation last June, Ariza said: “It is what it is. I loved my teammates there. They are all great players. I did everything I can to help them. Even when I wasn’t playing, I still encouraged all the players to be all they can be, to continue to work hard. I still did what I needed to do, to stay in shape, to keep my game going to try to get better. When they realized they wanted to bring Farouq along, I was all for it. It’s not my team. It’s their decisions to make and I’m just a player in this league.”
With his former team in town on Friday for the rematch at Verizon Center, Ariza is healthier – though he is dealing with a sore left knee – and has finally found a comfortable role on the Wizards. But he isn’t trying to place any special meaning in facing the team that traded him, along with Emeka Okafor, last June in a deal for Rashard Lewis’s expiring contract. “I’ve been on a number of teams,” Ariza said with a grin. “Treat it like it’s a regular game. Not really worry about me, or individual things, but this is not an individual sport. It’s a team sport. Just stick to our game plan and do what I need to do.”
Brian Schmitz: Former Magic F Rashard Lewis called DHoward’s comments “disrespectful,” especially considering “Dwight and Jameer are friends.” “It’s just strange. If anything he should be focused on playing for the Lakers and making the playoffs. It’s disrespectful more than anything. We helped Dwight become the player he was. They built that team to make him the player he was. Not trying to be rude or disrespectful to Dwight but… I think sometimes you have to focus on what’s going on now, not what happen in the past. Very disappointing.
Rashard Lewis, who made All-Star debut in 2005, was funny on Chris Andersen’s disastrous dunk contest that year: The “Birdman,” then with New Orleans, missed nine dunks on his first attempt at the dunk contest in 2005 in Denver and took about three minutes before he finally made a dunk. Andersen had been trying to throw the ball from halfcourt and catch it after a bounce for a dunk. “I remember like it was yesterday,’’ said Lewis, then with Seattle and now Andersen’s teammate in Houston. “He missed like 30 dunks and kept going over and over,’’ Lewis said. “That’s why they put the time limit on it. It was the Birdman Rule… you knew he was going to try to do something spectacular but after a while it was like, ‘Man, just make a dunk already. We’re getting tired. Let’s move on.’’’
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Rashard Lewis, Dwight Howard Orlando teammate, believes Howard will re-sign with Lakers this summer as free agent. “My gut feeling is I think he will,’’ Lewis who is now with the Heat and will face Howard on Sunday, told FOX Sports Florida. “I think he will be in L.A. … He most definitely likes the city, likes the organization. It’s one of the first-class organizations. The Lakers have a history of winning championships, and that’s what he wants to do is win championships. So we’ll see what happens at the end of the season, but my gut feeling is I think he’ll stay there.’’
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Now, Miami is trying to carry it out for a full season. And the Heat’s major offseason acquisitions, Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, aren’t going to be much help defending the paint; they’re having enough trouble getting out to open 3-point shooters. Which leaves Battier swapping paint with bigger, younger power forwards. Will he be a skid mark by next spring?”We’ll see. We’ll see,” Battier said with a laugh. “The thing about it is, it’s taxing physically. But I just have to be smart about it. I’m not asked to grab 10 rebounds. I just block out. Blocking out’s tough when you have to block out a guy like Faried. But I look at it as an unbelievable challenge for me. I’ve been counted out a lot in my life, and in my career. And I’ve always met the challenge. I just look at it as a new challenge, a new chapter for my book. I look forward to overcoming it.”
Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis are different. They’ve built a friendship that is stronger than the obstacles they’ve experienced dealing with the business of basketball. They’re like brothers who respect each other on the court and appreciate each other when the game ends. They’ve relied on their bond to help with the transition to Miami, while enjoying another chance to play together in the twilight of their careers. “I was sitting at my home in Connecticut when I found out; I was excited,” Allen said. “I randomly called him and he told me he was coming down and looking forward to being able to join. “I was very excited. He’s a guy that’s made a great career for himself. The teams we played for in Seattle, we had some great times. Over four years, we only made it to the playoffs one time, but he had some great teams. We had fun together and respected each other and that’s something I’ve always appreciated and cherished.”
What factors led you to sign with Miami? Rashard Lewis: I’m at a point in my career to want to win a Championship and it’s not all about the accolades, being an All-Star, scoring, none of that. I just felt like this was the best fit team to give me a chance to compete for a title. We haven’t done it yet, so we got our work cut out for us. If you look at the history of guys that defend an NBA Championship, it’s very tough to do that.
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The process involves shock waves. It’s a non-surgical treatment the Heat believed could get Lewis, 33, back to at least somewhat resembling a player who was an All-Star in 2005 and 2009. “They just numb the knees basically like ultrasound,’’ Lewis said. “It breaks down a lot of the scar tissue and it kind of rebuilds it. It took me off the court for a couple of months… (The Heat believed) it was something that could really help me and get me back on the court playing at a high rate, and I told them anything that would help me be even a little bit better than I was the past season, the past couple of years, I’m willing to try.’’
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With the addition of guard Ray Allen and forward Rashard Lewis, Miami Heat forward LeBron James believes the Heat can be “scary good.” “We can be better than we were this past season,” James said. “Are we better right now than we were just a couple of months ago? Of course not. But we’ve got time to get better. We have the potential to be better. We have the potential to be a lot better, and that is scary.
Rashard Lewis said he’s not thinking about starting at power forward for #Heat, right now preparing for bench role “Right now, I’m not looking forward to starting,’’ Lewis told FOX Sports Florida. “I just want to come in and get healthy and get my legs back under me and get my wind going. I’m looking for coming off the bench.’’ But Lewis, who said Erik Spoelstra has said nothing so far about starting or not, said that’s not his preferred role. “That’s not my preferred role but that’s how I’m looking at things,’’ he said. “I’m going to let Coach just make that decision.”
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This time the journey will include offseason free-agent acquisitions Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. “It almost seems as if they’ve rewound the clock,” Spoelstra said of the veteran 3-point specialists. “Ray seems like he’s in the mid-20s. “We haven’t really had a catch-and-shoot player with ability and skill set of Ray.” Spoelstra said Lewis also appears rejuvenated and beyond his knee issues. “First time in two years he’s been able to lean down and pick up his kids,” Spoelstra said of Lewis. “The last two and a half weeks he’s been playing and scrimmaging. And immediately you start to see his skill set the hurt us so much when he was with Orlando.”