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Rasheed Wallace
Rasheed Wallace
Position: -
Born: 09/17/74
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:230 lbs. / 104.4 kg.
Earnings: $158,110,581 ($216,342,931*)
On Saturday, the men will be at the Lonnie Young Recreation Center at 1 p.m. in the city’s Germantown section for a food and resource giveaway. They are also in the city to talk about equality and unity. “We stand up as one, then we can have a better life,” said Wallace. “Remember, as Black folks, I don’t want more than you. I just want equality, that’s all.” Jackson said, “We’re just taking care of our people, and when I say ‘our people,’ it’s all our people that are in the same struggle.”
The west side of Charlotte is where former NBA players Rasheed Wallace and Stephen Jackson spent their Saturday afternoon. “We’re here to help,” said Wallace. “That’s our job. It doesn’t matter if we’re playing anymore. We do this because the people need help and we’re straight action.” Both players got a chance to meet everyone in the community by organizing a march and rally pushing for change.
Jackson, a long-time friend of George Floyd, whose death ignited the movement, says he won’t let anyone forget him. “My brother’s death is not going to go in vain,” he said. “His name is going to be the name of change. Every time you hear the name George Floyd, it’s going to be the name of change and we [are] going from state to state showing our people that we love them.”
it’s much more likely for a player to heat up and threaten for 100 than it is for a player to accrue 41 whistles for technical fouls in a single season. Here’s what Rasheed Wallace had to say about it: “I’m happy to say I’ve got two NBA records that will never be broken. One, is getting 40 something (41) technicals in one season. I doubt that’ll ever be broken. And then two, that defensive stint that we had when I was with the Pistons. And held high-scoring teams under 70 points. And the crazy thing about it, I swear to you guys. The last two games, we tried to do it. But the first five or six games we did it, we were just playing. “
Rasheed Wallace connected with former NBA player Stephen Jackson to host a giveaway Friday, July 17 for Flint residents at the townhomes, providing bottled water and other necessary resources for families, including diapers, baby wipes and toiletries. “As long as the people in Flint need our help, we’re going to be here. And our hands-on impact is needed to uplift the morale and bring people’s spirits up,” he said. “Flint, it’s a fight. Granted, things aren’t the best right now, but people aren’t giving up. Everybody needs help, even Superman. That’s why he had the Justice League.”
The water crisis is not over, and Flint’s residents need help, Wallace said. “Politicians need to step up to fix that. It’s time to get this going. They can’t keep doing it. This is America, but the way that the people of Flint are being treated with this water crisis is like a third-world country,” Wallace said. “And they’re still expected to pay their taxes or water bills? But the water is still messed up. That’s not right.”