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Ray Allen
Ray Allen
Position: -
Born: 07/20/75
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:205 lbs. / 93 kg.
Earnings: $184,356,410 ($278,316,174*)
During that trip, J.R. noticed that Ray Allen was in his own pursuit of further education, taking classes online, and in doing so, Ray inspired J.R. to do the same. “I’ve never had a person—especially a quote, unquote, ‘peer,’ [with] whom I never have played on his team—in a day or two change how I think and how I look at my own self-worth.” “I can tell the true care he had for me. I could tell he really wanted to see me succeed regardless of [whether] it was basketball or something else; that’s something I take with me. Nobody has encouraged me like that,” Smith continued.
Funko, the pop culture and lifestyle brand that creates vinyl figures, board games, action toys, plush collectibles, apparel and more, is going back to the past to celebrate the iconic magazine SLAM Magazine with a new collection featuring five equally iconic NBA stars. The chosen players are Jason Williams, Shawn Kemp, Tracy McGrady, Ray Allen, and Tim Duncan. Kemp’s SLAM cover dates back to 1994, Tracy McGrady’s cover magazine hit newsstands in 2000, and the trio of Williams, Allen, and Duncan saw theirs released in 2005.
Crawford never thought that the Sonics would leave in the first place. They were in a transition after the Ray Allen years but had a young budding superstar in Kevin Durant, as well as Russell Westbrook and Jeff Green. “You see these young stars coming. It’s Seattle… It’s a great place. We didn’t think we’d lose the team,” Crawford said. “So when it actually happened, I think everybody was just shocked. Everybody stopped for a second. They’re really gone?” he continued. “And I was even one of the ones like we’ll get them back in five years to now, it’s like whoa that was 14 years ago. But now I actually do believe we’ll get them back soon enough.”
Former Celtic Kendrick Perkins shed some light on that in an appearance on “The Old Man & The Three” podcast. Perkins claimed that things were so toxic between Rondo and Allen that the rest of the team forced them to box at the practice facility to try to settle things. “When things started to go south, in my opinion, the first incident was Ray pushing so hard to trade Rondo for (Chris Paul). Then it got back to Rondo, and I think right there we started having a little friction,” Perkins said. “We made Ray and Rondo actually box it out. They had so much beef, we got to the practice facility, we brought the boxing gloves, and they actually had to box it out, because we just didn’t want to have the tension no more.” Perkins did say that things have gotten better between members of the ex-Celtics, and everyone is back on “talking terms.”
“We made Ray and Rondo actually box it out. They had so much beef.” — @KendrickPerkins on the tension between Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo Watch the full episode with @jj_redick and @talter :