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Ray Allen
Ray Allen
Position: -
Born: 07/20/75
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:205 lbs. / 93 kg.
Earnings: $184,356,410 ($242,141,107*)
So he worked for hours and hours, intent on proving to himself that he was worthy of the platform. The result was 2,973 career 3-pointers made in the regular season, another 385 made in 11 playoff runs, 10 All-Star appearances and two titles, one that restored the Boston Celtics to the NBA’s elite and the one that cemented the Heat’s legacy. While Allen was piling up all of those accolades, that fear of falling short sat on his shoulder the whole way. “Even in the games, if I don’t play well today, they’re going to find out that I’m not that good,” Allen said. “That makes you overprepare. At no point do you ever think you’re that good. Because if you think you’re that good, then you stop working.”