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Reggie Jackson
Reggie Jackson
Position: G
Born: 04/16/90
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:207 lbs. / 94.3 kg.
Salary: $18,086,956
Last season, for the first time in his career, Jackson played all 82 games. He’s entering the final season of his five-year deal worth $80 million and faces an uncertain future with the Pistons — one that was heading in a different direction in the midst of the injuries. “A few years back, I thought (my future) was retirement after this season,” Jackson told The Detroit News. “I’m just happy to be in a good state of mind and playing ball this year. We’ll figure (the future) out from there. I’m excited about what we can possibly do this year.” Jackson added: “I was just getting injured too much and I had hit basketball depression and it was a point in time that I really didn’t want to deal with the game anymore. It was more the injuries that started to have that (retirement) thought creep in my head.”
He transformed from a traditional point guard to more of a spot-up shooter, with Griffin as the main facilitator. Jackson looks forward to teaming with Rose in some stints, in what could be an intriguing backcourt and one that fits with coach Dwane Casey’s tendency to use two hybrid point guards. “I’ll have more of a chance to play with Derrick on the ball and off. I’m better at catch-and-shoot,” Jackson said. “The layout of the team is complementary to each other. All the pieces work really well and it’s ideal for my game, how we mesh. It’s very ideal and a situation I’d like to be in.”
From the NBA 2K League, which features gaming squads for 21 of the league’s franchises, to Josh Hart and Reggie Jackson competing at the Fortnite Pro-Am at Epic Games’ Summer Block Party in June, it’s impossible to walk into an NBA locker room without finding a few players ready to throw down in their favorite video game. “The biggest gamer I know personally is Josh Hart,” said Lonzo Ball at PUBG Mobile’s Team Up Superstar Showdown event. “Just being around him, I know he is streaming all the time. He loves games to this day.”
2 months ago via ESPN
The Grizzlies took a slight risk in waiting until now to deal Conley instead of acting at the trade deadline, but it ended up costing them nothing beyond the chance to clear more 2019-20 salary. They might have come out better for it. They always wanted two first-round picks, and they got them. The Detroit Pistons opted against paying that price, sources say, and even had the Pistons agreed, Memphis might have been stuck with Reggie Jackson. The Pacers would not surrender two first-round picks and Aaron Holiday, sources say.
3 months ago via ESPN
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