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The gravesite at Forest Hills in Jamaica Plain is unmarked, a patch of grass sandwiched between two large tombstones. It’s hardly a fitting memorial for someone held in such high esteem and so sorely missed, but it will remain that way until it’s time for Reggiena Lewis to say goodbye and hello. The 24-year-old daughter of former Celtics great Reggie Lewis never met her father, born a few months after his tragic and untimely death 25 years ago. And until she’s ready to make that trip, the grave will remain as it is, without a tombstone.
Jan Volk said he is unsure what the Celtics could have done differently but the pain and heartbreak remains present. “You had a young man in the prime of his life, the prime of his career who was an elite athlete,” Volk said. “One does not expect an elite athlete to be so vulnerable as he turned out to be. There’s a lot of conjecture as to the nature of the illness, the nature of the malady but whatever it was, it was inexplicable. There was no answers, there was no explanation. It happened. You don’t think of those things in that type of respect and I don’t think anybody could have predicted the ultimate tragedy there was in this case.’’
Dee Brown was forced into a more prominent role he wasn’t comfortable with. “That happened [Reggie’s death] and all of a sudden I’m thrust into a franchise role and honestly I don’t remember the whole ’93-94 year — I played in a blur the whole year because I was thinking about Reggie,’’ Brown said. “A lot of guys got traded and through that whole process we had a lot of down years, but I was the only guy that was connected to the old Celtics and the Pitino era. So it was tough, because I knew my career could have been different. I did my best as captain to hold the franchise together, still make it respectable, be about the right things, respect the logo.”
But the Celts can pitch much than that, if they choose, by offering Durant — who wears No. 35 in Oklahoma City — the opportunity to honor the life of Reggie Lewis by wearing his retired No. 35. I asked Lewis’ mother, Inez Ritch, how she’d feel if the Celtics asked for her blessing to offer No. 35 to Durant as a tribute to her son. “I don’t think it would take anything from Reggie because his number is still hanging up in the Garden,” Ritch told me over the phone. “If I see Durant running up and down the court with the No. 35, I don’t know how my emotions would be until it happens. “I don’t think I would be upset about it. I think it would be a good thing because he is a very nice, humble young man. I don’t know a lot about him, but I know of some of the things he has achieved while wearing the No. 35.”
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