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Reggie Miller
Reggie Miller
Position: -
Born: 08/24/65
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:195 lbs. / 88.5 kg.
Earnings: $103,864,748 ($160,558,775*)
“We don’t want it to be funereal or maudlin,” Mark Boyle said. “He was 88, he lived a great life, and we don’t want to turn this into a tragedy. What we want to say is yes, we’re sad and we’re heartbroken, but this is a celebration of a life well-lived. This man is an icon and he’s touched so many people in his life. And yes, out of the breaks, we’ll probably play several ‘Boom, Baby’s’ and other Slick-isms.’” Yes, Boom, Baby. Pacers of an older generation remember Slick as the hard-driving coach who led the Pacers to three ABA championships and reached the finals five times, who won a franchise-record 529 games and earned a spot — finally — in the Basketball Hall of Fame. But for a younger group, Slick was best known for his exclamatory “Boom, Baby!’” every time a Pacer hit a 3-point basket. Slick was much deeper than any catchphrase — he was a basketball genius — but he forged a connection with a new generation with his excitable trademark. In fact, Reggie Miller’s production company is named Boom Baby Productions.
Storyline: Slick Leonard Death
At 33, Curry is in the midst of the type of special relationship with one team and one region that few of today’s players can match. As Curry now sits 18 points behind Chamberlain ahead of tonight’s matchup with the Denver Nuggets (10 p.m. ET on ESPN), we caught up with three all-time greats from three different eras, who all understand the responsibility that comes with being the face of an organization for an entire career: Dirk Nowitzki, Reggie Miller and Jerry West. Passing Chamberlain will only solidify what the organization has known for years. “Look,” Miller said of Curry. “He is Mr. Warrior. He’s Mr. Warrior.”
Was there ever a point you felt like you might leave? Any superstar pitches to join forces? Reggie Miller: No. And if Michael Jordan ever would have called me and tried to sway me to come to Chicago, I would have told him to go f— himself! “I’ll be coming to see you on I-65 or whatever that highway is there. I’ll be down to see you.” I never came close to going anywhere else. Contemplating, or other teams sniffing around, like the Knicks, possibly. I already had a storied history against them, right? I couldn’t go there.
There are plays like Reggie Miller’s scissorkick, where he’d cleverly leave one leg hanging out on a jumper for a defender to potentially clip. It was irritating, and in 2012, seven years after Miller retired the league implemented, you guessed it, “The Reggie Miller Rule,” that made it an offensive foul to leave a leg out. By next season, we might be talking about “The Trae Young Rule.” But until the league legislates it out of the game, it’s fair play. And it’s up to the players to discover counters.