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Reggie Miller
Position: -
Born: 08/24/65
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:195 lbs. / 88.5 kg.
Earnings: $103,864,748 ($159,528,646*)
One of the last Chicago Bulls jerseys Michael Jordan’s ever rocked is about to hit the auction block … and is expected to sell for half a MILLION dollars!! The threads are from the ’97-’98 Eastern Conference Finals — MJ’s last season with Chicago — when his Bulls squad battled Reggie Miller’s Indiana Pacers.
Another catch phrase that stuck was Rashad’s use of the term “main man.” In the NBA universe, everyone was Rashad’s “main man.” Charles Barkley was a “main man.” Shawn Kemp was a “main man.” Reggie Miller was definitely a “main man.” The bit, Rashad says, was actually lifted from his father, who would use the term when he’d forget the name of one of Rashad’s friends. If “Inside Stuff” had one “main man,” though, it was Jordan, who doubled as one of Rashad’s good friends. The two met in Los Angeles in the summer of 1990, when NBC broadcast a Magic Johnson charity basketball game as a dry run before their first season. Jordan arrived late after a round of golf. Rashad interviewed him afterward. They soon hit it off. “He was our guy,” Rashad said. “I could have him on the show whenever I wanted to.”

The 1997-98 Pacers came as close as any team did to ending the Bulls dynasty. In the end, they came up short. But it took a classic seven-game series with a series of twists for the Bulls to get through Indianapolis. “Most people feared Michael Jordan and rightfully so,” Reggie Miller said on episode 9 of ESPN’s The Last Dance on Sunday night. “But I didn’t fear him like the rest of the league did.”
The 1997-98 Pacers came as close as any team did to ending the Bulls dynasty. In the end, they came up short. But it took a classic seven-game series with a series of twists for the Bulls to get through Indianapolis. “Most people feared Michael Jordan and rightfully so,” Reggie Miller said on episode 9 of ESPN’s The Last Dance on Sunday night. “But I didn’t fear him like the rest of the league did.”
Another Dale Davis bucket and a Jackson free throw made it 20-7. “There was a sense right then that maybe this was really going to be when Chicago’s run ends,” Costas remembered. “These are not present-day games that are 120-116. These are games that are 85-80. Do the math. A 20-7 deficit is harder to overcome.” Costas recalled cameras flashing whenever Jordan was at the foul line — fans documenting what could have been his last game. “You could feel the tension,” Collins said. “The fans thought the Pacers could win.”
There was not much celebrating in Chicago’s locker room. The Bulls were exhausted, relieved, impressed with the Pacers and looking forward to the Finals against the Utah Jazz. “That was the scariest game we ever faced,” Kerr said. In the visiting locker room, several members of the team wept. Jackson walked stall to stall, reminding teammates how far the Pacers had come, players remembered. “We were proud,” Jackson said. “And almost pleased. Almost like you might imagine Joe Frazier feeling as they announced Muhammad Ali the winner. Until the buzzer went off, we never thought we were going to lose.”

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Miller said he doesn’t expect to see Oldadipo missing games going forward. The Pacers are the Eastern Conference’s No. 6 seed with 23 games remaining, including three back-to-back nights. “The Pacers believe they could put a stretch and run together,” Miller said. “I don’t see a lot of load management for Oladipo. I think they want to make a push to get to that fourth spot.”
Reggie Miller was asked about Victor Oladipo’s return to the lineup and what that meant for the Pacers. Miller shared what he said heard from Pacers coach Nate McMillan before the matchup. “This lineup for the Pacers is the future,” Miller said. The lineup Miller referred to consists of Oladipo, Malcolm Brogdon, T.J. Warren, Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner.
I had this deadline column and the wonder of Tim and how awesome he is, grabbing this ring against this supposed dynasty in Miami and then I got to rewrite! What do you remember about that night and when Ray steps back and hits that three? Mike Breen: Well, a couple of things you never forget. You never forget the NBA bringing out the ropes, because the game is about to be over and they’re going to crown a champion that night. For them to do that ahead of time, they have to do that, I think that’s the first thing I remember. The second thing I remember, the fans leaving. And even though, I’ve seen too many games over time. I’ve seen Reggie Miller eight points in 8.9 seconds. I never understand, especially in a big game, how fans leave early, in a game that’s not decided. Because a lot of fans left. In fact, a lot of them tried to come back in. Our crew did a great job that night. They had a shot outside the arena of people trying to get back in but they couldn’t. The doors were locked.
Minutes before tipoff at Smoothie King Center, NBA great Reggie Miller who was commentating the game on TNT, was asked what he thought of Doncic’s heroics early in the season. “I am not surprised. He is into that elite conversation and probably in a lot of circles the best point guard in the game. The question is who is going to check him tonight. As we go to the lineups, Jrue Holiday is in my opinion one of the best two-way players, and certainly defensive guards will get the assignment early. He has strong hands, number two in steals with 2 per game, it’s going to be a terrific matchup!” said Miller.
Basketball Hall of Famer Reggie Miller joined “The Dan Patrick Show” recently and suggested the San Antonio Spurs should retire Leonard’s Spurs jersey once he retires. “Does San Antonio and I know Toronto is going to, do they retire, when it’s all said and done, do they retire Kawhi’s number? Does his number hang from the rafters both in San Antonio and Toronto?” “The only reason I ask that is how he left there. Will there be water under the bridges?” “You did deliver us one of our five championships. I believe he should have his number retired in both (cities), when it’s all said and done, because we will consider him one of the all-time greats.”
Thompson said his disappointment wasn’t tied to the financial incentive. “The money’s nice, but I’m just trying to build a résumé,” he said. “And I see some other guys who played my position growing up, you know, the Ray Allens, Reggie Miller, Chris Mullin — I try to be in that mold. They made, you know, three, four All-NBA teams — I’m trying to get to that level. And it didn’t happen this year, but hopefully, go to another Finals next year and it might happen then.”
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With speculation that Kevin Durant will join New York Knicks this summer heating up ahead of the all-star break, former Pacers great Reggie Miller says to pump the breaks on Durant leaving the Warriors for the Big Apple. “Personally, I can’t see him going to New York,” Miller said in a Turner Sports conference call with former Kings forward Chris Webber.
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“If he’s a little surly and upset about what The Athletic wrote about him, if he gets a couple of bad games in New York, under that microscope, he’s really going to be upset,” Miller said. “So you got to factor everything when you’re joining the New York Knicks – the number one media market in the world and in our game. You can’t be upset with the media when you’re back to back NBA champion and back to back Finals MVPs.”
Curry moved past Jason Terry with back-to-back 3s early in the third quarter and ended a 28-point night with 2,285 3-pointers in his career, trailing only Allen (2,973) and Miller (2,560). Curry saved the game ball and hopes to get it autographed by Allen and Miller, players he called trendsetters when it comes to long-range shooting. “Obviously I want to catch them and put together many more years at this pace,” Curry said. “But just knowing that those two guys are right in front of me, for sure. I respect the game and I respect what guys have done before and those two guys are guys I’ve looked up to.”
Curry, 30, acknowledged before the game how much his ascension on the list means to him as he passes each name. Once Friday’s action ended, he said he took the game ball with him and was hopeful he could get it signed by Reggie Miller and Ray Allen, the only two players currently in front of him on the list. “It’s just a special accomplishment,” Curry said. “In terms of two guys that I know are trendsetters in stretching the imagination of the 3-point game. Doing it for many, many, many years, and people that I looked up to as a young kid playing the game. Obviously with my dad [Dell Curry] sparked a love of shooting the basketball — to look up on the list and obviously I want to catch them and put together many more years at this pace. Just knowing those two guys are right in front of me, it’s a special moment, for sure. “Because I respect the game, I respect what guys have done before, and those two guys — those are guys I looked up to.”
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Crawford was then asked about officiating Hall of Famer Reggie Miller, who was also known for drawing fouls while in the act of shooting. “Drawing a foul is you’re looking at the player as we have a saying, ‘Referee big.’ So now you’re referring to those two people and if you think Reggie compromised the defender by getting the defender up in the air, he compromised himself — the defender. “Reggie was a tricky guy. He could get people up, he knew exactly where defenders were, he would charge into them and his feet were out. He did some smart stuff.” (Laughs)
Comedian Megan Gailey, a Lawrence Central High School and Purdue University alumnus (her Instagram feed mentions her Colts fandom), got engaged to comedian/writer C.J. Toledano over the weekend. And where else would they do this? In front of the Reggie Miller mural, of course. ´Toledano said in his post: “Shot my shot and she said yes. Glad Reggie was there to witness it.” The Pacers legend offered his best wishes in the comments: “I blessen thee… BOOMBABY”

Richard Jefferson’s focus has shifted. When he talks about working on his efficiency, he means the ability to communicate clearly in short soundbites with a slow, easy cadence. “I watch games now with a completely different mindset,” Jefferson told CBS Sports. “I don’t necessarily always watch basketball games to see what’s going on with the basketball game. I watch basketball games to listen to how Mark Jackson speaks or Reggie Miller or Chris Webber. What can I take from them? Listening to their timing, figuring out what I would say and how I would say it in those moments. Very similar to a kid who’s watching his favorite basketball player and then going out in the park and trying to emulate that move.”
Shaquille O’Neal was known to have his own personal machine loaded on to the Orlando Magic team plane. Then he would have the arcade machine set up in his hotel room where he and teammates would play through all hours of the night. “Penny Hardaway was good,” Shaq said in an interview with Sports Illustrated. “I used to play as Chris Mullin or Reggie Miller all day.” The NBA is known for being the fun league of the major sports. Stars like Westbrook and George drive the league’s popularity around the globe. “NBA Jam” was re-made with newer players — including the Thunder and Westbrook — in 2010 by EA Sports.
You’ve chosen Reggie Miller to enshrine you on Friday — why and was Reggie surprised? Ray Allen: I’ve always watched him and there’s been a hate-love relationship with Reggie. I appreciate what he’s done and his skill, but he was such a competitor that you wanted to root against him because he was playing against Michael Jordan, demolished the Knicks in eight seconds and single-handedly dismantled their defense. He’s had so many great moments in his career that I watched, so I was always competitive with it. As a player coming in, I just said, “Man, this is a guy that I somewhat want to be like.”