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Reggie Miller
Reggie Miller
Position: -
Born: 08/24/65
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:195 lbs. / 88.5 kg.
Earnings: $51,261,548 ($71,459,473*)
With speculation that Kevin Durant will join New York Knicks this summer heating up ahead of the all-star break, former Pacers great Reggie Miller says to pump the breaks on Durant leaving the Warriors for the Big Apple. “Personally, I can’t see him going to New York,” Miller said in a Turner Sports conference call with former Kings forward Chris Webber.
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“If he’s a little surly and upset about what The Athletic wrote about him, if he gets a couple of bad games in New York, under that microscope, he’s really going to be upset,” Miller said. “So you got to factor everything when you’re joining the New York Knicks – the number one media market in the world and in our game. You can’t be upset with the media when you’re back to back NBA champion and back to back Finals MVPs.”
Curry moved past Jason Terry with back-to-back 3s early in the third quarter and ended a 28-point night with 2,285 3-pointers in his career, trailing only Allen (2,973) and Miller (2,560). Curry saved the game ball and hopes to get it autographed by Allen and Miller, players he called trendsetters when it comes to long-range shooting. “Obviously I want to catch them and put together many more years at this pace,” Curry said. “But just knowing that those two guys are right in front of me, for sure. I respect the game and I respect what guys have done before and those two guys are guys I’ve looked up to.”
Curry, 30, acknowledged before the game how much his ascension on the list means to him as he passes each name. Once Friday’s action ended, he said he took the game ball with him and was hopeful he could get it signed by Reggie Miller and Ray Allen, the only two players currently in front of him on the list. “It’s just a special accomplishment,” Curry said. “In terms of two guys that I know are trendsetters in stretching the imagination of the 3-point game. Doing it for many, many, many years, and people that I looked up to as a young kid playing the game. Obviously with my dad [Dell Curry] sparked a love of shooting the basketball — to look up on the list and obviously I want to catch them and put together many more years at this pace. Just knowing those two guys are right in front of me, it’s a special moment, for sure. “Because I respect the game, I respect what guys have done before, and those two guys — those are guys I looked up to.”
2 months ago via ESPN