Rex Chapman Rumors

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Chapman noted that Stephen Curry’s mother, Sonya, became a key figure in his life when he was a young professional learning the ropes of adulthood: “Sonya was basically raising me and Steph at the same time,” Chapman explained. “I didn’t know how to do laundry and I’m a rookie, and she came over to my place … And Dell apparently told Sonya to come down to my apartment and just look inside. So she came in … and I didn’t know how to do laundry, so on the road I just bought like 60 new pairs of underwear, and I was just wearing underwear brand new … She had to wash like 50 pairs of underwear.”
As unlikely as that idea once might have seemed, Chapman has more than 580,000 Twitter followers. That’s 10 times more than he had one year ago, a swelling of devotees that began with a tweet on Jan. 10, 2019. Before that day, his followers were almost exclusively basketball fans who had rooted for Chapman as a Kentucky high school hoops phenom, a Kentucky Wildcats legend and a 12-season NBA player who found fame as the first-ever draft pick of the Charlotte Hornets, a player who electrified the NBA slam dunk contest and who, as a member of the Miami Heat in 1996, hung 39 points on Michael Jordan and the legendary Chicago UnbeataBulls. His prolific on-court career brought followers like Ice-T and Chuck D, and Steph Curry, who has known Chapman his entire life via father Dell, a Hornets teammate and still one of Chapman’s closest friends.