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Richard Jefferson
Richard Jefferson
Position: F
Born: 06/21/80
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:222 lbs. / 100.7 kg.
Salary: $4,828,652
Richard Jefferson turned the conversation toward the Beehive State. “So,” Jefferson said, “you got drafted by Utah? Then you …” “Unfortunately,” said Lyles, interrupting him. “Let’s talk about why you didn’t want to go to Utah,” Jefferson said after the 12th pick of the 2015 draft mentioned that he would’ve preferred to be drafted by Denver. “I don’t know,” Lyles said. “I just didn’t like it.”
Jefferson: “I liked playing in Utah. I really did.” Lyles: “Who was your coach then?” Jefferson: “I had Tyrone Corbin.” Lyles, grumbling: “So y’all didn’t practice? Y’all didn’t do nothing, yeah. See, we had practice every day (under Quin Snyder). I thought I was in Kentucky again.” Jefferson, sarcastically: “You had practice every day? Oh, sorry for making you work hard. Sorry. What’s wrong with working hard, Trey?” Lyles: “I didn’t say nothing about working hard. Three-hour practices? C’mon now.”
Lyles refused to say anything nice about Utah. “It’s very similar to Denver,” Jefferson said. “It’s not similar to Denver,” Lyles rebutted. “If you’d shut up and let me talk,” Jefferson countered, jokingly. “You don’t have to say (bleep) and be all rude,” Lyles responded. “It’s sunny all the time in Utah,” Jefferson said. Lyles: “Hmmmm.” “The fans are really, really good.” “Hmmmm.”
Cleveland was getting a three-time champion, a future first ballot Basketball Hall of Famer, a shooting guard who could fill in some of the scoring void created after the Kyrie Irving trade — for the low, low price of a veteran’s minimum contract worth $2.3 million. For a luxury tax-laden team like the Cavs, it felt like divine intervention. But the blessed union took a turn for the worse almost immediately, according to sources. First, when bringing on Wade meant needing to trade away popular locker room presence Richard Jefferson to create an open roster spot. Then, when Wade balked at Cavs head coach Tyronn Lue’s plan to bring him off the bench. Wade, insisting he was more comfortable playing the starting role he had filled his entire 15-year NBA career, started the Cavs’ first three games and struggled mightily, shooting 7-for-25 from the field. After a blowout loss to the Orlando Magic in the third game, Wade approached Lue about coming off the bench, as Lue initially suggested. JR Smith, displaced by Wade’s addition, was plugged back into the starting unit, but the damage was done: The demotion affected Smith mentally, and his on-court production dipped.
1 month ago via ESPN
Storyline: Cleveland Cavaliers Turmoil?
Richard Jefferson: “He’s a Cav and everyone here knows 1,000 percent that he’s 100 percent committed to whatever game or team he’s on. He’ll address it with his family when the season is over. I don’t know, no one knows, people can guess, everyone wants to now throw these shots in the dark. ‘Oh he’s going to go here, he’s going to do this. He played junior high hockey with this person so maybe he’ll go play in Minnesota.’ Shut up. No one knows. No one knows.”
2 months ago via ESPN