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Rick Brunson
Rick Brunson
Position: -
Born: 06/14/72
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:190 lbs. / 86.2 kg.
Earnings: $5,446,383 ($8,171,603*)
Chuck: “Have you surpassed your dad as the best player?” JB: “My dad wasn’t even a player compared to me..” Jalen Brunson fires shots to former NBA player and coach Rick Brunson 🤣

Jalen Brunson watched his father, Rick Brunson, grind out a nine-year professional hoops career in the United States, bouncing from city to city on non-guaranteed deals. Seeing the determination and work ethic required to carve out a journeyman’s paycheck had a huge impact on him. “To see how hard he worked just to get unguaranteed contracts just showed me that I have to work 10 times harder than that,” Brunson told Bleacher Report in a one-on-one interview earlier this week.
Noah was the only player — and maybe the only player or coach — willing to bark back at Thibodeau. During one offseason, Noah worked daily at the team’s practice facility with Rick Brunson, an assistant coach. Thibodeau was always in his office, and could not resist venturing out to help. After several days, Noah took a stand, Brunson recalls: “Yo, motherf—er, I’m not coming anymore unless you stay in your office. Rick and I got this.”
Jalen Brunson didn’t recall meeting many other people who shared his name until reaching high school, but started hearing it more in college. No matter how many other Jalens hit the scene, though, Rick Brunson wouldn’t let his son forget about his eponymous teammate, who has gone on to inspire a younger generation not only through his name and basketball career, but also through philanthropic work as well. “It’s pretty cool to see someone like that with the impact on and off the court and the things he’s doing in his community back home,” Brunson said. “It’s pretty special so I’ve definitely got a sense of pride.”