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Ricky Davis
Ricky Davis
Position: -
Born: 09/23/79
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:197 lbs. / 89.4 kg.
The BIG3 halfcourt basketball tour has booked a July 20 date at AmericanAirlines Arena, the first time the weekly tournament of former and fringe active NBA players will appear in South Florida. The league, founded by Ice Cube, last season featured several former Miami Heat players in its inaugural year, such as Jason Williams, Mike Bibby, Ricky Davis, Rashard Lewis, Marcus Banks, Kendall Gill, Mike James and the late Rasual Butler, with former Heat guard Gary Payton among the coaches.
There is also a famous story in Cavs circles about the time the team was filming a promotional spot with LeBron and Ricky Davis during their first year together. James was on his rookie contract at the time but Davis was making above the League minimum. As the story goes, there was a homeless person who was watching the entire shoot. After it was over, Davis took off his sneakers and autographed them for the man. He then reached into his bag and pulled out a wad of cash that was in a rubber band. He popped the money inside the shoe and gave it to the guy. The response from the homeless man that Ricky Davis handed roughly $5K inside his Nike shoe after filming a team spot was reportedly indescribable. Selfish, silly, class clowning, or otherwise, Ricky D was a good guy just doing a job who helped out those less fortunate whenever he could. LeBron saw all that from Ricky D too.
You were on the Cleveland Cavaliers during LeBron James’ rookie season. What was that like, and what did you think of where he was at developmentally as a player and as a person? Ricky Davis: It was awesome. We were definitely looking forward to making some kind of additions after losing 65 games [in the 2002-03 season]. My little brother actually played some high school ball with LeBron. They were briefly teammates at St. Vincent-St. Mary, but then my brother moved. But because of that, I had actually seen LeBron earlier than most people. When he joined us, he was definitely a mature player for his age. He came to the NBA straight out of high school and was so young, and I could relate to that because I was 17 years old myself when I came into the league. I was the third-youngest player to ever enter the NBA, so I sort of understood what he was going through in some ways. The season went great. There was media everywhere, but it was fun. It was really good to see him grow, to see his dedication. I was still doing my thing. I had averaged 20 points the year before and I was still scoring 20 a lot of nights that year too. He did his thing and I did my thing, and I think we meshed well together. He had a lot of talent and when the organization gave him the opportunity to be “the guy,” he took advantage of it. It was just a great season, and it was a lot of fun playing with one of the greatest young guys ever.