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Robert Archibald
Robert Archibald
Position: -
Born: 03/29/80
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:250 lbs. / 113.4 kg.
Earnings: $913,137 ($1,361,464*)
His passing has been marked by an outpouring of tributes from across the basketball world – many in tandem with those to Kobe Bryant – with moments of silence or applause in the Spanish ACB, the EuroLeague and the British Basketball League, as well as the University of Illinois. And Nurse, who was Archibald’s assistant coach with Great Britain, credited his former charge. “First of all, he was a good player,” he said. “And he was an intellect type of guy. Really smart. Had a lot of off-court savvy to him, or interests, or whatever.
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