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Robert Covington
Robert Covington
Position: F
Born: 12/14/90
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:204 lbs. / 92.5 kg.
Salary: $11,301,219
Darren Wolfson: Solid group of guys in town that includes Wiggins, Teague, RoCo (in addition to those pictured). No doubt in my mind that Saunders will get these guys together for workouts way more often this off-season than ones in the past. #Twolves #AllEyesNorth

The Minnesota Timberwolves are not officially out of the playoff chase, but to reach that difficult goal, they’ll have to do so with a decidedly shorthanded roster. The team announced today that forward Robert Covington and guards Derrick Rose and Jeff Teague are all expected to miss the rest of the season due to injury. Rose and Teague had missed the last four games with injury, with Rose suffering with soreness and swelling in his right elbow while Teague had re-aggravated a left foot injury originally suffered in December.
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Steve Aschburner: How do you feel about your team? After a 4-9 start before the Butler trade, you’ve played above .500 ball but still are digging out in the West. Karl-Anthony Towns: I mean, we’re a team that’s developing still. When you make a trade like we did, obviously, at that point of the season, it hasn’t been that long. Stuff like that happens when you have a training camp, you have time to work on chemistry, everything like that. We’re working on the fly right now. But we’re doing a great job. Even the games we’ve lost, I felt we’ve played well and garnered something. We haven’t taken any steps back. We just have to continue to grind out the season. It’s 82 games for a reason.
Robert Covington has insisted the right knee that caused him to miss a game against Portland on Dec. 9 is fine. Coach Tom Thibodeau also said Covington is fine physically. Covington’s short absence knocked him off a rhythm that had Covington playing at a high level and that could be one reason why the Wolves’ defense slacked on their 0-4 road trip that ended with a 107-99 loss to Phoenix on Saturday at Talking Stick Resort Arena.
Storyline: Robert Covington Injury
“He’s fine in terms of health but when you’re out for five days you’re out of rhythm,” Thibodeau said. “That’s where I think he is. We just have to let him work through it and get him going … “He’s one of those guys, you can tell when he’s in rhythm. …. Physically now he’s good and he’s just got get his basketball rhythm back. He’s been around so he’ll get his rhythm back fairly quickly. It’s unfortunate it came at the time it did.”
After Butler plays 39 minutes in a loss to the Clippers that dropped the Wolves to 0-3 on the trip, the Wolves have conversations with the Heat about a possible trade. But the Heat inform the Wolves that Richardson is no longer on the table after his stellar start to the season, and the Wolves move on. Minnesota begins to engage seriously with Philadelphia, New Orleans and Houston. New Orleans’ package is headlined by Nikola Mirotic and an unprotected first-round draft pick and the Rockets’ proposal has Eric Gordon, Nene and two first-round picks, sources said. The 76ers come with their proposal around Robert Covington and Dario Saric, leaving the Timberwolves to deliberate.
But the thing works. It gets better every time you look at it. Gray jerseys are rare enough in the NBA that this one stands out. The flourishes of color — red-white-and-blue striping, blue shadow behind the jersey numbers — bring almost double the usual flair because of how starkly they pop against that gray. The stripes work as a reference to both the Sixers’ history-based identity, and the patriotic boxing trunks Apollo Creed and then Rocky Balboa wore across several films. Players like them. The team had a few players wear the jerseys, and re-enact scenes from the movies to include in promotional material. Ben Simmons posed in a local boxing gym. Robert Covington ran some of the route Rocky traced in training sequences — including the city’s famed Italian Market. Best of all: T.J. McConnell in a gray sweat suit, standing in a real-life, freezing-cold meat locker, hands wrapped in bloody tape.
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Covington hit a key 3-pointer down the stretch and made Charlotte star Kemba Walker work hard for every point, helping the 76ers defeat the Hornets 105-103 on Saturday night. Joel Embiid had 27 points and 14 rebounds and J.J. Redick and also hit a key 3-pointer late. The game was tied at 99 after Walker’s 3-pointer with 3:04 left. Redick put the 76ers ahead 102-99 with 2:03 left by nailing a 3 from the left wing. Walker answered with a layup to pull Charlotte within one, but Covington drained a 3-pointer from the right wing five seconds later to make it 105-101. Covington finished with 18 points and 10 rebounds. He also chased the speedy and talented Walker all over the court. Walker scored 37 points but needed 31 shots, finishing 11-for-31 from the field. Philadelphia coach Brett Brown credited Covington. “Covington’s best game of the year,” Brown said. “He ended up being our bell-ringer. He had that big 3 to really seal the game. He was very good tonight.”
After seeing how the city reacted to the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl victory, did that motivate you? What were you thinking when you saw all of Philly celebrating like that? Robert Covington: Oh yeah, it definitely motivated us. We saw the love that they got and it was amazing. Philly is one of the best cities when it comes to supporting their sports teams, so it was great seeing them celebrate like that for the Eagles. We know that one day, we’ll have the opportunity to [win a championship too] with the team that we have. We just have to work for it and do everything we can to make that happen because Philly deserves it. Philly is one of the most passionate cities I’ve ever been a part of or gotten to experience. It’s so unique. These are diehard fans. [We believe] we can be in that position. That’s setting big expectations for ourselves, a big goal to live up to, but I know our guys are really focused on that. We believe that we can live up to [those expectations].
Do you feel like you can be the best defender in the NBA? Robert Covington: Yes, I definitely feel like I can [be the NBA’s best defender]. It just comes from hard work and not giving up. I watch some of the best defenders and what they’ve done, including a lot of guys who are very unique. That’s what has allowed me to get to the point I’m at now – just watching a lot of film of guys and then going out and applying the things that I’ve learned. I’ve also been fortunate to have really good coaches who have taught me a lot.
Whenever the Bryan Colangelo/burner-accounts situation was unfolding over the summer, what was it like to be a player in the middle of that and what were your thoughts as things were surfacing? Robert Covington: It was a lot… But, I mean, you never really know the truth behind everything and you never know exactly what happened. I think you have to take everything with a grain of salt. You never know what the truth was behind it. But, as a player, you can’t allow yourself to get caught up in it too much because then it may start to affect your play and all that. We really just had to focus on what we had going on at that time. Then, during the offseason, that’s when everything played out [and Colangelo resigned]. Sometimes, you just have to move on. It’s sad that it happened to us, considering how everything was going [in the right direction]. But things happen.
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After reaching the verbal agreement with Bjelica, the Sixers were waiting for him to travel to Philadelphia to take a physical and sign the contract, The Athletic’s Derek Bodner reported. They have already added Wilson Chandler this summer and also have Dario Saric, Robert Covington and Ben Simmons to give them plenty of versatility in the frontcourt. “I made a decision too quickly,” Bjelica said. “It’s not about Coach Brown and the Philly organization. It’s just about me and my family.
Chris Patrick: “When it comes to your asking price, it’s data-based. With Robert Covington, for example, we started putting comps together the year before. I actually have the list of guys here. We looked at Kent Bazemore’s deal, Allen Crabbe’s deal, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s deal and some others. We had a lot of comps – 17 different players. Basically, you’re just taking all the numbers and putting them together. With Covington, out of that group of 17 players, his value was [determined to be] $18.43 million per year; I’ll never forget that. He was in the top half of the group in nearly every stat category. Then, we took off $3 million per year because the Sixers were a bad team when he posted those numbers. When you’re the worst team in the league, numbers are going to be inflated. So that’s how Covington’s deal came to be four years, $62 million. That’s where the number came from.”
The product of those years of decision-making brought a bunch of players to the city who have built a special connection with the fanbase, even if they don’t have the same star-level talent as Embiid. Hinkie discussed a bunch of his former players who he remains a big fan of — he raved about former Rockets guard Kyle Lowry — and did a decent enough job of summing up why the fans love a scrapper like McConnell. Hinkie: “I have a special place in my heart for a lot of the players we had in Philly, some of which are still there. Joel Embiid and I are still close, I love him and watch on pins and needles when he plays without his mask or something silly happens. T.J. McConnell I love and sort of what he stands for, Robert Covington I love, everywhere he’s been … I like people who have big dreams for themselves in whatever package they’re in, and trying to outkick their coverage and overachieve.”
Contrary to the naysayers who believed the losing would take its toll, is it possible the losing seasons were actually an emotional boot camp that primed the young Sixers for the intensity of contention? That likely wasn’t an intentional feature of The Process, but it might have been a stroke of serendipity. “The journey is what makes you who you are,” Covington said. “That journey made us who we are. The 18-win season, the 10-win season, all that, it built us up for this moment. That’s what allowed us to get to where we are now. That was a test to see how strong an individual can be when you’re going through all that.”
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McConnell, who was a surprise starter in place of Robert Covington, contributed 19 points — his highest total as a pro, including the regular season — on 9-for-12 shooting, seven rebounds, five assists and no turnovers in a season-high 39 minutes. “There’s an injection of energy that you’re going to get with him,” said Sixers coach Brett Brown. “That fire is something not everybody has,” said teammate Ben Simmons.