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Robert Horry
Robert Horry
Position: -
Born: 08/25/70
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:240 lbs. / 108.9 kg.
Earnings: $53,745,000 ($310,452*)
He argued that the Bucks “ain’t gonna go back-to-back” as NBA champions because “they shouldn’t have been there in the first place” in 2021. “I don’t think there’s ever gonna be a chance for a team to three-peat,” Horry said. “You might get a team to go back-to-back, but as far as three-peat, I doubt that. It might even be any back-to-back teams cause think about what the Lakers did. They win a championship; the next year, they got a whole different team. We know Milwaukee ain’t gonna go back-to-back cause they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. … They only won that because of a big toe.”
Robert Horry remembers this time as a player with Chick by his side, “A lot of times when I was there, he wasn’t feeling good but he worked through it. He had to have his wife, Marge, come on the road with him. And think about it, most people would say ‘Nah, I’m just going to do home games.’ No, not Chick. He said ‘I love this game; I’m going to keep going.’ He started bringing his wife with him and he started battling all the illnesses. He kept going.”
“We had the situation when Vernon [Maxwell] left the team in ’95,” said Horry. “But other than that, when you’re winning, you cover up a lot of stuff.” The Spurs did plenty of that in the early 2000s, but the lack of drama still sticks out in Horry’s mind. “In San Antonio, we never had any damn drama, said Horry. “That was the most boringest team. The most exciting thing we had was when Tony [Parker] and Eva [Longoria] started dating.”
Robert Horry, who won three out of his seven NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers, shared his thoughts on two newcomers of his former team — Kendrick Nunn and Malik Monk. He was impressed with the ball handling abilities of Kendrick Nunn following his preseason debut with the Lakers. “Nunn came out and he showed that he has ball handling skills,” Horry said on Spectrum SportsNet.
The top scorer for the Lakers was another newcomer Malik Monk who had 15 minutes in 22 minutes of play coming off the bench. The 23-year-old shooting guard impressed Lakers legend as well. “Malik Monk. We don’t get a chance to watch him being on the East coast as much. He came off and he played very well,” said Horry. “He shot the three ball extremely well. But what I like best is he played under control. Nothing rattled him. He came down did a little razzle-dazzle with the rock but he was able to come off those double screens, knock down mid-range and three-point shots. I’m impressed.”
During his appearance on the Big Shot Bob podcast of Robert Horry, Shaq took a shot at the superteams created in the modern NBA and how he lost respect to the players who avoided the grind of winning a championship the hard way and instead getting together for an easier road to the NBA Finals and eventually the Larry O’Brien trophy. “The words I hate is this new era. We watched the era before us… and we all competed. Guys are getting real lazy and real cute and then they want guys like me and Big Shot Bob to show them some respect,” the NBA legend shared.
That 2002 Western Conference finals series was as close as it gets between two teams, right? Chris Webber: I’m not ashamed of losing to L.A. I know we did everything we could, and I’m appreciative as an athlete to have prepared myself for the moment. They had two Hall of Famers, Big Shot Bob (Robert Horry) and a Hall of Fame coach (Phil Jackson) who coached Jordan, and they barely could get by us. In a day that the league didn’t want small teams to win. Whatever it is, I’m proud that I battled and that the team that we lost to still has our scars at least in some areas because of my presence. Sports has no guarantees. I’m proud to battle with Doug Christie, Mike Bibby, Peja, Vlade, Bobby Jackson. I’m proud that I can look them in the eye because we gave our best effort.