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Earnings: $19,588,000 ($35,322,867*)
Justin Kubatko: LeBron James passed Karl Malone for the most points scored in season openers: 481 – James, 19 GP. 463 – Malone, 19 GP. 431 – Michael Jordan, 14 GP. 430 – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 19 GP. Robert Parish, Vince Carter, and Kevin Garnett share the record for most season openers played (21).
RAY: Your team had a run of great seasons but never won a championship. I think your last five seasons, the Bucks finished first in the conference. You had a great collection of players, including the ones who came in the trade for Kareem. Marques Johnson: Yeah, we had it going on. We started out green and kept growing. The only problem was that we either had to go through the Boston Celtics with Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish (and later Dennis Johnson) and that crew, or the Philadelphia 76ers and Dr. J., Bobby Jones, Maurice Cheeks and Andrew Toney, aka. the Boston Strangler. The year that we were really primed to make a championship run, the Sixers had picked up Moses Malone in the offseason.
Nearly 40 years have passed and the once ‘twin towers of the paint’ in Boston, have still not cleared the air or mended fences. It’s said Bird holds grudges from what he perceived was Cedric ‘quitting’ on their 1985 team (Maxwell was actually very seriously injured). But Bird has not made many public comments about Maxwell at all. It’s almost as if the two never combined to make the NBA’s best front line with Robert Parish and enabling Kevin McHale to dominate the 6th man position. Maxwell on the other hand, has always been outspoken and though slightly more measured than usual when it comes to his tense relationship with Larry Legend, he still has spoken out more than once, including calling Kevin Garnett ‘the best all-around Celtics.’
Former Boston Celtics legend Robert Parish experienced that first hand when he joined the Bulls for the 1996-97 season. Appearing on the Locked On Celtics podcast, Parish described a practice where his second unit held its own against Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and the starters. “I was talking trash to Michael because he and Scottie was enjoying their dominance over the second team, and then when the second team finally got a center that could enhance their abilities, the first team could no longer enjoy dominance over the second team,” Parish said. “So I just wanted to let them know that they’re no longer the king on the block.”