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Robin Lopez
Robin Lopez
Position: C
Born: 04/01/88
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:255 lbs. / 115.7 kg.
Salary: $5,000,000
A fan was tackled after running onto the court during an NBA playoff game between the Washington Wizards and Philadelphia 76ers on Monday night, the latest example of unruly behavior as teams let more spectators in the stands during the pandemic. “You can tell those people have been in some sort of captivity for the last year, year and change, right?” Wizards center Robin Lopez said. “It’s kind of wild to see the liberties people are taking.”
Storyline: Fan Behavior
The Wiz traded for 22-year-old 6-foot-10 Daniel Gafford, who was buried on the Bulls’ bench. He joined with 7-foot ex-Terp Alex Len, released by the Raptors in January then picked up by the Wiz, and 7-foot, 283-pound Robin Lopez, a 14.5-minute-a-game backup last season. In the NBA, the idea of splitting time equally three ways at a position — 16 minutes each — is almost an insult. And it seldom works. How do you mesh all those skill sets with various combinations of teammates? But to these three men, it was an upgrade, a chance and lemme-at-it. In the last 12 Wizards games, this trio — assembled at minimal cost in salary, draft picks or traded players — provided the stats noted above as well as a combined effective shooting percentage (. 674) that would rank second in the NBA if it belonged to one player.