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“The potential is the sky’s the limit with that team,” Coleman said of a team featuring Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, the latter currently under COVID-19 quarantine. “I just see the struggles right now just going to be better for you later on in the season. Just have to keep continuing to work. “Kevin [Durant] is going to be one of the greatest scores we’ve ever seen play the game. To me right now, nobody can mess with Kyrie Irving; he comes from a lineage of point guards. When your godfather is Rod Strickland, I need not say any more about that. But we have to really concentrate and focus on the defensive end of the basketball court and talking.”
Tim Hardaway (5x NBA All-Star): I was there for about a week. We played every day. You had Chris Mullin, Rod Strickland out there. Gary Payton, of course. Reggie, Pat, Charles [Barkley]. Charles needed it because you know, he’s always getting heavy during the course of the summer. He really needed to be in shape and ready to go. He loved it. Charles would be going at people. We had to go double team him because basically when he got it down low, nobody could stop him. If you didn’t want to lose, you had to go down there and double team. Basketball stars weren’t the only ones flocking to the Jordan Dome. There was even a celebrity row.
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Though it is sort of strange that an NBA player could not make the cut when the top 24 players in the league are picked, but then make it when that list is widdled down to 15, it happens more often than most probably realize. In fact, 11 times in the last 10 years alone has a player been All-NBA but not an All-Star. Wizards point guard Rod Strickland did it in 1997-98. And Jazz center Rudy Gobert has done it twice. So, if it happens to Beal, it won’t exactly be a rare occurrence throughout the game’s history. It will just be, as he put it, “weird.” Beal also says he has other goals in mind at the moment. “I don’t really think about it,” he said. “Ultimately I want to make the playoffs. Hopefully the Magic and Brooklyn lost today.”