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Rodions Kurucs
Rodions Kurucs
Position: F
Born: 02/05/98
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:205 lbs. / 93 kg.
Salary: $1,774,500
Rodions Kurucs is a 21-year-old Net who grew up in Latvia idolizing Durant. His reaction was about what one would expect. “KD is my favorite player. What do you want? Of course I’m excited,” Kurucs said after the Nets’ first summer league practice. “KD is my favorite player. How do you think I feel? Of course I feel great. He is my teammate, and I will have a lot of things to learn from him.”
But that doesn’t mean Rodions Kurucs isn’t investing some sweat equity this offseason to earn every minute he can next season. From working out while in Europe this month to playing in Las Vegas Summer League next month, the Latvian forward is determined to stay in the mix. “I’m planning to play Summer League,” Kurucs, 21, told The Post. “My focus this summer is just working on my game, my all-around game, my handle, my shot, defense, rebounding, physicality for sure. Everything, basically, because I will need them next season.”
So far the Nets have added Jeff Peterson and Andy Birdsong as assistant general managers and have several other positions to fill. Brooklyn Nets assistant coach: Fleming, who worked primarily with Rodions Kurucs, left to join the Chicago Bulls as their lead assistant coach. Currently, there are four coaches who could move to the front of the bench alongside Kenny Atkinson, Jacque Vaughn and Bret Brielmaier. 1. Adam Harrington: Assistant coach / director of player development. Since the beginning of the Marks and Atkinson era, development has been an emphasis for the organization, which Harrington embodies.
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