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Earnings: $2,200,000 ($3,215,636*)
“Ty Lue won an NBA championship in Cleveland with LeBron James,” said Harper, who won two of his five championships with the Lakers. “Ty Lue should have been the next head coach. That’s where I stand at. I know I don’t have a vote in it. I know I ain’t got nothing riding on it, but Ty Lue should have been the next coach. “I don’t know if Frank Vogel is a step up from Luke. That’s what it’s going to boil down to, right? I thought Luke should have kept the job. I thought Luke got a raw deal too.”
Kukoc, who was elected to the FIBA Hall of Fame in 2017, has been a finalist for enshrinement in Springfield, Mass., twice. “I’ve seen some things go on in the Hall of Fame that really have been a little bit shocking,” Pippen said. “I’ve seen some guys get in where I think Toni and Ron (Harper) definitely had a lot better career than those guys. I think they’re getting a little bit of a knock-back because they were part of a team with me and Michael (Jordan). But those guys are winners.”
Ron Harper: I always tell people: If I was in my heyday right now, in today’s NBA, I’d probably score 35 a game! You can’t touch or hold or grab me, so I can get to the hole every time! And I would take the ball to the basket too. I ain’t going to sit out there shooting 12 three-pointers a night. I’m going to keep driving and keep getting to the foul line since you can’t be physical with me. That’s what our game was like… Sign me back up!
Ron Harper: I remember earlier in my career, I’d play against Milwaukee and I was going up against [two-time Defensive Player of the Year] Sidney Moncrief and [1986 Defensive Player of the Year] Alvin Robertson and Jay Humphries and Jerry Reynolds, and I’m trying to talk to the referee. I ask, “If they’re holding me, ain’t that a foul?!” The referee turned to me and said, “You just play hard. It’s hand-to-hand combat. You need to adapt to survive.”