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Roland Lazenby: Basketball is an emotional game, and Scottie was an emotional guy. I think a lot of this book was produced in the wake of The Last Dance. (the ESPN documentary released in the spring of 2020). That was an embarrassment of riches for Jordan, but it really didn’t play straight up in certain ways. I bet Scottie probably felt insulted. He probably felt insulted that Ron Harper wasn’t included. Ron Harper was obviously one of Scottie’s very good friends and a real important teammate to him. He was a huge contributor to those last three Bulls championships.
Storyline: Michael Jordan Documentary
Brad Turner: Ron Harper, by Elgin Baylor in 1989, has a request for the Clippers. “The Los Angeles Clippers better retire his jersey. Yep as an executive. That should be the first one they retire. I don’t know who jersey they going to retire, but if they don’t retire Elgin, something is wrong. Something is wrong with that place. I don’t care what nobody tell me.”
Storyline: Elgin Baylor Death
Harper: “I mean, MJ knew who he could talk to and who he had to push. He was one of those guys who made you work hard because you see how he worked. It made you work harder. There were some guys he would pick on. But I didn’t think it was in a way that was harmful or bullying. It just that you ain’t going to talk crap about me. When he was talking to Scott Burrell, Scott wasn’t man enough to stand up for who he was. You ain’t doing that shit to me.”