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Brad Turner: Ron Harper, by Elgin Baylor in 1989, has a request for the Clippers. “The Los Angeles Clippers better retire his jersey. Yep as an executive. That should be the first one they retire. I don’t know who jersey they going to retire, but if they don’t retire Elgin, something is wrong. Something is wrong with that place. I don’t care what nobody tell me.”
Storyline: Elgin Baylor Death
Harper: “I mean, MJ knew who he could talk to and who he had to push. He was one of those guys who made you work hard because you see how he worked. It made you work harder. There were some guys he would pick on. But I didn’t think it was in a way that was harmful or bullying. It just that you ain’t going to talk crap about me. When he was talking to Scott Burrell, Scott wasn’t man enough to stand up for who he was. You ain’t doing that shit to me.”
Kornel David: “Obviously, the team wasn’t really good; actually, it was bad. Toni Kukoc was the best player, by far, on that team. Toni was absolutely fantastic. He was already my favorite player before I went to the Bulls and then he was incredible that year. Ron Harper was still on the team, but he was going downhill of his career and he was hurt, so he wasn’t the same as before.” Dickey Simpkins: “Toni was the most underrated complementary star in the NBA, and then he transitioned into being ‘the man’ for us in the latter part of his career. Toni was an unbelievable player and talent, and he was an unbelievable teammate off the court.”
Ehlo replayed that possession in his mind, thinking about what he could’ve — or should’ve — done differently, now able to admit a few fundamental mistakes. One thing Ehlo doesn’t remember: Ron Harper’s version, which he relayed in Episode 3 of “The Last Dance” — a hit ESPN documentary that chronicles the Chicago Bulls’ quest for a sixth NBA championship in 1998.
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“I never said I was a Jordan stopper like Gerald Wilkins or anything,” Ehlo said during an extensive call with this week. “But back then Harp and me were on the court at the same time and he was our big offensive threat. So, when I came in it was a no-brainer that I would guard Jordan so Harp could rest on defense and play on offense.