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Royce White
Royce White
Position: -
Born: 04/10/91
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:270 lbs. / 122.5 kg.
Earnings: $3,422,588 ($4,379,814*)
Royce White: Dear Kyrie Irving, The revolution has begun. The climate of society is ripe for radical change. The systems of old are hanging on for dear life. The spirit of your intuition is shining through. First and foremost, I want to say thank you for your courage. I’ve watched in admiration as your willingness to challenge the status quo has mounted. I consider you a brother. We are comrades on the periphery, in a world that is overflowing with centrists. You have rightfully questioned the validity and competence of the system, its leadership and its motivation.
Royce White: What black athletes can do to leverage their societal position is even less complex. Many of these lukewarm centrists want to use leverage as a noun. But leverage is one of those unique words that does not exist without action. In that way leverage is the perfect reflection of what is needed now. Leverage is a verb, it requires use. If one doesn’t use their leverage, it simply does not exist in a real way. Anybody saying athletes should return to play in order to “leverage” their celebrity so they can speak about these issues on some “larger platform” does not understand the gravity of this moment. They don’t understand the call to social duty. As you and many others have recently voiced, our activism can no longer take shape as these infertile awareness campaigns. Everybody is aware, they’ve been aware. This time, only action will suffice.
Royce White: In this vein I would like to submit a call to action for the NBA and its players. There are many days of heavy frontline protests ahead, and I hope you’ll join us. For now, if you are to uphold the dignity of the progress that we see being made all around us, it is time you let your actions stand on their own. Led by you, the players should demand that a return to “business as usual” comes with each NBA team contributing the cash to build a black bank in their home city. This will be a match program where players and other sponsors contribute an equal amount for a second additional black bank. Overnight 60 black banks will be created in this country. This will be the start of “Operation Black Blank,”an economic initiative that all the other pro sports institutions can join.
Dave Zirin: This demonstration is being organized by former NBA player Royce White. He’s been organizing mass demos all week in Minneapolis. Thousands of people. Can’t believe that’s not a bigger story in the sports-media world. Helluva lot more compelling than The Last Dance.