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Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook
Position: G
Born: 11/12/88
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:190 lbs. / 86.2 kg.
Salary: $38,506,482
Normally, this brief period from the court to the locker room was a time to reflect on the game. When the Rockets win at home it’s normally loud, with players joking around and praising one another. Even in losses, earlier in the season, it served as a time for teaching moments. Tonight [after losing to the Blazers], it was dead silent. You could have heard the proverbial pin drop. That was, of course, until Russell Westbrook appeared in the hallway.
Westbrook wears his emotions on his chest and never doesn’t say what he feels at the moment. Some might call it bluntness, others call it honesty. What it is, in a wholesome sense, is just Russ being Russ. “F—— sitting there, talking that s—. F— ’em,” Westbrook said, almost preaching to the rest of his teammates who hung their heads as they walked with him to the room.
It’s no secret Westbrook isn’t exactly a fan of the Blazers. His competitive, trash-talking spirit always seems to manifest itself against Damian Lillard. It’s not exactly an exact science pinpointing the origin of the rivalry, but it’s one that will probably last the ends of time. The rivalry had reared its head on a number of occasions in the evening, but as the game wore on and Portland distanced itself, Westbrook’s energy increased. Four minutes into the fourth quarter, with the Blazers up by 14, Westbrook had Lillard in the post—a commonplace for Westbrook against smaller defenders, but especially for Lillard. Lillard fouled him, yanking Westbrook on the arm. “A foul is a bucket,” Westbrook said shaking his head in a bravado. “He can’t guard me.”
Harden, with nary a word of pessimism, alluded to a lack of continuity this season. Eric Gordon has missed 24 games, Clint Capela seven and Westbrook five (mostly for rest). “We haven’t had any consistency with our full rotation yet this entire season,” Harden said. “Hopefully, that time will come when we can get a full roster and catch a rhythm, but until then, we’ll continue to rack up wins. “Overall, we’ve been playing pretty good. We know who we are. We know that our time’s gonna come, as far as catching a rhythm and running off multiple —10, 12, 15 games in a row. We haven’t done that yet. Our time’s gonna come.”