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Sam Mitchell
Sam Mitchell
Position: None
Born: 09/02/63
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:214 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
By the end of the evening, Mitchell was in retreat, saying that on a team as successful as the Warriors, “Steve Kerr has that luxury.” On the same set, former NBA guard Steve Smith said he would have preferred to see an assistant coach replace Kerr. “It’s somewhat embarrassing, but the NBA is a no-mercy league,” Smith said. “Nobody’s gonna have pity on you. Just tell your team to remember that time a coach let his players coach against you. Make it fuel for you to get better. And get revenge the next time you play.”
It’s almost 12 years now since the 81-point game. When you think about that night, what comes to mind? Sam Mitchell: “It was Kobe Bryant. I mean we’re talking about one of the greatest players to play that had an unbelievable night. And the fact that — I say this all the time — it’s a thin line between when people’s perception of you is greatness and selfishness. If he scored 81 and we win the game, what would you guys in the media have been saying? “He’s selfish,” right? OK. See, but we were winning the game going into the fourth quarter. So that’s just how it is. That’s just life. That’s how people look at things. It’s always funny to me ’cause I look at the other side, if we win the game. Because it’s not like we got beat by 30. We were winning the game. My thought process during that was one, how can we slow him down?, and two, we can still win the game. As great a game as he was having, I thought we had just as good a chance to win the game. We were winning. So, you know, you’re trying to stop him because if you can stop him, it increases your chance to win. But also, you’re saying even if we don’t stop him, we can still win this game.”
KG: I talked to Russ a couple times about personal s–t—real recognize real—but I respect his talent. I respect his appetite. We have a similar background. We have a similar path, if you will. I played with guys like Steph [Marbury] when we were super best friends, and he left, and that left an immediate mark and impacted me in a certain way that I looked at teammates different after that. The ones that stuck—Malik [Sealy], Sam Mitchell, Joe Smith, Gary Trent, Trenton Hassell, Troy Hudson—those guys became real friends with me after that because of that situation.