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Harper: “I mean, MJ knew who he could talk to and who he had to push. He was one of those guys who made you work hard because you see how he worked. It made you work harder. There were some guys he would pick on. But I didn’t think it was in a way that was harmful or bullying. It just that you ain’t going to talk crap about me. When he was talking to Scott Burrell, Scott wasn’t man enough to stand up for who he was. You ain’t doing that shit to me.”
“He felt that he could dominate me, but that was sadly mistaken,” Grant said. “Because whenever he went at me, I went at him right back. But in terms of Will Perdue, Steve Kerr and the young man, Scott Burrell, that was heartbreaking [to watch]. To see a guy, a leader, to go at those guys like that. I understand in terms of practicing, you have a push and shove here and there, but outright punching and things of that nature. And calling them the B’s and the H’s, that wasn’t called for.”
Storyline: Michael Jordan Documentary
Williams didn’t see it as Jordan being a bully. He saw it as a guy that wanted to win at any cost. “One thing I will say is, Jud Buechler had kind of a big thing where he said, ‘Guys were afraid of Michael Jordan.’ Well, I don’t think I was afraid of Michael Jordan. I loved being his teammate. He was hard on me — not the way he was hard on Scott Burrell, but he was hard on me being a Carolina guy. …””
Let’s talk about that. Before “The Last Dance” came out, Michael Jordan told director Jason Hehir: “When people see the footage of , they’re going to think that I’m a horrible guy.” He pushed you really hard that year. What was it like dealing with that? Scott Burrell: It was like getting taught; getting taught in a tough way. I didn’t think it was embarrassing, I didn’t think it was humiliating. I don’t have any regrets of how it went down or any second thoughts about learning from the best. I mean, I was getting tutelage from the best player to ever play, from the best team ever put together! And it was a team that won five out of seven championships before I got there, and I didn’t want to mess it up! So, I was glad to learn any way possible that was taught to me.
Storyline: Michael Jordan Documentary
Jordan has explained that he was trying to toughen you up and prepare you for a grueling postseason. Do you think his way of doing things made you tougher and more prepared? Scott Burrell: I think it prepared me for life, not just basketball. I had played with some very good teams in the past and with very good players, but it’s totally different when you play for a great player and great coaches, and you’re playing for the same goal – winning a championship. It’s totally different when that level is turned up another 100 degrees and you’re in the midst of it.
There are stories of Jordan getting physical with some of his teammates like Steve Kerr and Will Perdue. I have to ask: Was this “riding” just verbal? Or was it ever physical? Scott Burrell: No, it was never physical. Jordan is smaller than me, he wouldn’t mess with me. (laughs) I’m just joking; I’m just teasing. (laughs) That was a strong man for his size, just saying. But, no, it was always verbal. It was never physical. That’s why when people say, “Are you worried about what people will think?” or, “Are you worried about how people are gonna take it?” I’m like, “No!” It was never physical, and it was all to make me better and prepare me for the season later on. So, I don’t think it’s anything that I have to worry about.
In a recent interview, you said that you recently texted Michael and told him, “Thanks for getting me 1,000 interviews.” I thought that was funny. How much attention have you been getting since this documentary started airing? Scott Burrell: It’s huge! This is my second interview today and I have two more after this. But it’s getting to the point where people are trying to catch Michael now, which is sad. Like, “Was he mentally tormenting people?” or, “Was he abusive?” No! He was a tough competitor, a coach. He wanted to win, he wanted us to get better and he wanted to prepare us to be great when it was our time to be called on. That’s it. I just don’t understand how you can watch this film and try to portray him as a person that goes too hard at people when he’s never done anything to get in trouble and he’s never been involved in scandals. He just did nothing but win championships and he has one of the best companies in the world right now. Just let him be Michael, the way he did it.
Storyline: Michael Jordan Documentary