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From March 2 in Houston until the end of the regular season, the Spurs won 31 of their final 36 games. “Because it was a shortened season, there were so many games that were condensed,” Elliott says. “And when games start coming at you like a conveyor belt, if you can keep your rhythm, you can rip off a lot of wins.” The Spurs accomplished this despite an offense that relied heavily on their pair of big men, with Elliott the only true elite perimeter marksman. “They were very limited offensively,” notes Jeff Van Gundy, the former Knicks coach who met them in the Finals that year. “He’s right,” Kerr confirms. “We didn’t have a lot of ways to score. It was Woody Hayes, three yards and a cloud of dust.”
Elliott finished the Finals against an underdog Knicks team and underwent a kidney transplant six weeks later. “What I remember about San Antonio was how dominant they were after the first 12 or 14 games,” Van Gundy says. “They just rolled people.” The Spurs dispatched the Knicks in five games. Duncan was named Finals MVP after dominating inside, averaging 27.4 points, 14 rebounds and 2.2 blocks per game. He also logged 45.5 minutes per night. “I wish Pop found religion on load management a few years sooner,” Van Gundy says. “Then maybe he would have sat Duncan once in a while in that series.”
RJ Marquez: Another powerful account in the #SpursVoices series to highlight of racial injustice and inequality. Sean Elliott discusses being called the N-word while golfing with Bruce Bowen in San Antonio. #Spurs