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During an appearance on “Scoop B Radio” podcast with Brandon Robinson, O’Neal talked about the Nets and how they put up minimal effort against him. O’Neal, who was recognized as NBA Finals MVP, averaged 36.3 points, 12.3 rebounds and 2.8 blocks per game, and he and led the Los Angeles Lakers to a four-game sweep of the Nets. “It was boring,” O’Neal said of squaring off against the Nets that year. “I actually got mad when we were playing in Jersey. You think [then-Nets center] Todd MacCulloch is going to stop me at the crib in Jersey in front of my grandma and grandpa? S—! No. Stop it.”
During his appearance on the Big Shot Bob podcast of Robert Horry, Shaq took a shot at the superteams created in the modern NBA and how he lost respect to the players who avoided the grind of winning a championship the hard way and instead getting together for an easier road to the NBA Finals and eventually the Larry O’Brien trophy. “The words I hate is this new era. We watched the era before us… and we all competed. Guys are getting real lazy and real cute and then they want guys like me and Big Shot Bob to show them some respect,” the NBA legend shared.
“Trust me, if I knew it was okay to team up after Houston busting my ass in 94, I would have went and played next to Hakeem … I would have went to go play with Tim Duncan and Dave Robinson … But I was like nope. I’m checking my leaks, licking my wounds, and I want to beat these dudes and we did. “Rob got seven, I got four but whenever we saw something, we hate.”
Here’s the story, where he literally wore a Reebok jacket during a meeting with Nike executives. “Nike, they had like four or five people and it was always my dream to have a signature shoe. So when I went to Reebok, they was going to give me a signature shoe. Because I already had my Shaq emblem. I already had all the commercials. I had everything done in my head on how I wanted to go. So when I went to Reebok, they said they were going to do it,” Shaq said on Jimmy Kimmel Live. But we promised Nike that we would listen to them. So I wore my Reebok jacket to the Nike meeting. So I came back, and I signed with Reebok.”
Joakim Noah’s favorite five of all time: ‘I got Shaq… Let’s just make things clear like… Shaq Daddy. Then I’m gonna go with Dirk [Nowitzki] because now you got the stretch and you got the big fella in there. And then I got MJ [Michael Jordan] on one wing and I got Kobe [Bryant] on the other wing. And who’s running that? White Chocolate [Jason Williams].