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With your size, do you have to get custom rigs or anything like that? I know Skrillex is 5-foot-5. Is it a hindrance or anything like that being larger than other people who do this? Shaq: No, I don’t want anything custom. Sometimes, they raise the stage. But I have to tell them not to do that. Because then people won’t be able to see and I want people to see this. If I have to bend down, then I’ll bend down. I don’t want anything special. Whenever you step into someone else’s genre, you have to gain people’s respect. I can go get some gold but I don’t want that I just want whatever anyone else is doing.
Shaq: Based on my mentality, I would be considered one of the top DJs. I’m doing this for me, I’m not doing this for a living. But I know I used to be that kid that used to want to jam to Public Enemy and LL Cool J and Big Daddy Kane. So it’s about them. I respect the fact that they came to see me. I want to always give my fans a night to remember. It really is similar to a Game 7. It’s a championship game and Shaq is going to win tonight. It’s over. I respect it and I like that challenge.
Being such a public figure, what are some of the things you’ve taught your kids? Shaq: Simple rules: love others, be kind, be courteous and follow your dreams. I tell them all of the time that the world does not need another me. Be yourself. People are going to try to pressure you. I tell them to be the best you can be. I know kids are very influenced by social media. That is both a good thing and a bad thing. I have to tell them all the time that they don’t have to be like me.
Joel Embiid: I got nothing but love for the legends of the game like Shaq and Charles. So I respect what they’re saying about my game. But I’m never going to be the kind of traditional big like Shaq was in the ’90s. You can’t go down to the post every single time down the floor and have success in this league. Not in 2020. Not with the way the game has evolved. Not with the way teams double-team now. You have to be able to spread the floor and pass the ball and get buckets all over the court.
Gilgeous-Alexander finished the game with 20 points, 20 rebounds and 10 assists, becoming the fifth player in Thunder history to record a triple-double. Gilgeous-Alexander’s rebound total was notable on its own. It was a career high, and he set a NBA high mark for the most rebounds by a guard in a single game this season. ESPN Stats & Info later tweeted that Gilgeous-Alexander made even more history, according to the Elias Sports bureau. He joined former Thunder player Russell Westbrook as the only guards with a 20-point, 20-rebound triple-double over the last 30 seasons. He is also the youngest player in NBA history with a 20-rebound triple-double, passing Shaquille O’Neal.