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James was named on 99 of 100 ballots and finished with a total of 760 points, leading Embiid (23 first-place votes) by just 95 points. The last MVP race to have a final margin that small came in 2004-05 when Steve Nash edged Shaquille O’Neal by 34 points. Jokic was third, garnering 18 first-place votes and a total of 596 points.
Before taking any questions from reporters, Orlando Magic guard Cole Anthony delivered a message unprompted to fans after just witnessing teammate Nikola Vucevic achieve a career night. The message, according to Anthony, is simple: Vote for Vucevic. “That man deserves to be an All-Star,” Anthony said. “He is the best big in the league. Come on! What are we doing? Come on!” Vucevic on Friday produced a career-high 43 points and 19 rebounds to lead the Magic to a 123-119 win over the Chicago Bulls. He became just the third player in team history to record 43 points and 19 rebounds in a game, joining Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard.
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Just for proof of how much Vucevic has improved, in 2014-15 he averaged 3.0 fouls and 2.0 turnovers, which at the time was still considered very good. But now, averaging under two fouls and under two turnovers is unheard of for a center having to protect the rim, occasionally switch in pick-and-roll and make critical decisions on the offensive end. At the moment, Vucevic leads the NBA in both field goals made and top of the key 3-pointers made. Not since the 2000-01 season when Shaquille O’Neal did it has a true center led the league in field goals made and never before has a center beat out everyone else for most threes made in any region of the court.
What about the Donovan (situation)? For me, he has been amazing media-wise since he got into the league… …Chuck interjects — Charles Barkley: But yeah, you know Sam, let me tell you something. Me and Kenny actually had a conversation this weekend about this, because (Kenny) was talking to his dad. And his dad says, ‘I was watching the show the other night and I went and did some research (and) Donovan has only had one game of double-digit assists his entire career. He’s had only one game of double-digit rebounds in his career. Kenny Smith had 90. He had 90. And Kenny Smith ain’t half the player Donovan Mitchell is. He had 90 games where he had either 10 assists or 10 rebounds. And that was the point.
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