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Shaun Livingston
Shaun Livingston
Position: -
Born: 09/11/85
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:186 lbs. / 84.4 kg.
Earnings: $59,104,894 ($76,692,050*)
Shaun Livingston is a trusted voice with a bright future in the executive world, should he choose to stay down that path. Nick U’Ren, Jonnie West, Ryan Atkinson, Larry Harris, Pabail Sidhu (analytics) and Onsi Saleh (cap expert) are other established members of a built out front office structure.

Draymond Green: 'Kevon Looney has become a calming force'

Before the 2014-15 season, Steve Kerr’s first year as coach, Pau Gasol was available. He had done his time with the Lakers, had won back-to-back titles with Kobe Bryant and was moving on. I asked Gasol, after his Friday round at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am, if he had ever thought back then that he would make a perfect Warrior. “I did, I did, I did,” said Gasol, who now lives in Atherton with his wife and their two young children. “I talked to (Warriors’ GM) Bob (Myers) about it, but that was the time they signed Shaun Livingston. They only had that mid-level exception, so they gave it to Shaun. He was a great fit, that was a great decision, Shaun played great for ‘em. And I played great for Chicago, but we didn’t win.”

Andre Iguodala believes he deserved 2015 Finals MVP

Drill down on the series for me and tell me objectively, basketball-wise, do you feel like you were the guy? Andre Iguodala: As I said, I think it was well deserved. I just made the most of the opportunity. The scheme was set up for me to beat (LeBron James). And that doesn’t happen too often in the finals. Normally it’s the guy who’s the favorite, (who has) the odds, those are the guys who always get the NBA Finals MVP. And I think that I just made the most of the opportunity. Knowing the (defensive) attention that Stephen Curry has, knowing the attention that Klay Thompson has, a guy like Draymond Green, Shaun Livingston made sure that I was always just ready and available. Those guys just said, ‘Here, this is what the game says so give him the ball right here and just be ready for it.’ So I think more than anything, it’s just being ready for those moments. If you go back and watch, when the game said ‘shoot’ I shot and I made it. And when it said ‘pass,’ I made it. And then I had to go defend the guy. I didn’t stop him. I didn’t shut him down but just tried to make life hard for him so, in turn, he had to react in other ways. He had to think twice about (decisions).