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Shawn Kemp
Shawn Kemp
Position: -
Born: 11/26/69
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:280 lbs. / 127 kg.
Earnings: $91,572,963 ($137,744,773*)
The Reign Man … is now the Strain Man — because ex-NBA star Shawn Kemp is officially in the marijuana business. The 50-year-old Seattle SuperSonics legend is opening Shawn Kemp’s Cannabis in Seattle on Oct. 30 — a shop poised to become the first Black-owned dispensary in the city. In fact, Kemp’s even hosting former Sonics teammate, Gary Payton, at next week’s grand opening. “I’m looking forward to welcoming Sonics fans on a regular basis, starting with opening day,” Kemp said in a statement. “I hope that Shawn Kemp’s Cannabis will be an inspiration for people to get involved with the legal cannabis industry, especially people of color.”
Storyline: Marijuana Use
Another catch phrase that stuck was Rashad’s use of the term “main man.” In the NBA universe, everyone was Rashad’s “main man.” Charles Barkley was a “main man.” Shawn Kemp was a “main man.” Reggie Miller was definitely a “main man.” The bit, Rashad says, was actually lifted from his father, who would use the term when he’d forget the name of one of Rashad’s friends. If “Inside Stuff” had one “main man,” though, it was Jordan, who doubled as one of Rashad’s good friends. The two met in Los Angeles in the summer of 1990, when NBC broadcast a Magic Johnson charity basketball game as a dry run before their first season. Jordan arrived late after a round of golf. Rashad interviewed him afterward. They soon hit it off. “He was our guy,” Rashad said. “I could have him on the show whenever I wanted to.”