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Shawn Marion
Shawn Marion
Position: -
Born: 05/07/78
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:214 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Earnings: $134,936,762 ($167,689,399*)
“I think the legacy I left for the game is there. But who is it to decide? Who is making the decisions? What do they base it off of. If you look at all the numbers, to me, I should be a shoo-in. Should I not?” Marion asked. “What am I supposed to do? What am I not supposed to do? It’s out of my control. I know it’s a political thing. It’s a lot more other stuff going on. But certain things, you earn that. I earned that.”
Storyline: Hall of Fame Selections
“I’m a big (reason) why the game is what it is today. And I can walk out of my house and hold my head held high and talk about this game, because I know what I was able to do on this floor. What I was able to do is the model of what everybody is trying to do right now,” said Marion, now a board member of the National Basketball Retired Players Association. “Everybody is trying to find somebody to do everything that I was able to do. Which they ain’t been successful. But they’ve found some bits and pieces to do some stuff.”
“You sit there and telling me what I should be known for, giving me credit for, which I respect but at the same time, where is the real validation from that?” Marion asked. “Think about it, though. I never made an all-defensive team. I never was defensive player of the year, which I should have been, couple years, honestly. Defensive player of the year, possibly, I should’ve been, maybe once or twice in my career. But I didn’t get that. All defensive team? I definitely should’ve been all-defensive team, four or five years, easily. Why is that?”
What was it like for you to transition into retirement? I know it’s easier for some players than others, but what how was your experience? Shawn Marion: It was actually pretty easy. I was staying busy and I was open-minded toward a lot of different things. I was kind of looking forward to it a little bit. I was already preparing myself beforehand. It was different for me than a lot of guys because I had just become a father right before I retired, so your priorities change when you have a little baby. My little son is amazing. That’s the reason I kind of walked away from the game a little bit early. I probably could’ve played another year or so. But sometimes you have lingering injuries when you’re older and all of this other stuff and I was like, “You know what, man? My son is little.” That first year, I was watching him grow up through my phone. I was watching him get bigger and do these different things, so I’m thinking, “I done won a championship and I done gave the game what I could give it; maybe it’s time for me to go ahead and just be a father.” I came to peace with it and decided it was time for me to ride off into the sunset. I didn’t want to watch my son grow up through a phone.