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Smush Parker
Smush Parker
Position: -
Born: 06/01/81
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:180 lbs. / 81.7 kg.
Earnings: $6,497,864 ($9,409,921*)
Smush Parker: The toughest pill to swallow on today for me has been the fact that I didn’t get a chance to verbally speak with my brother to not only reconcile our differences but to find out if he actually had a relationship with The Lord Almighty. As today proves no matter how successful we are in life, when God calls for His breathe back our time here on earth is up. And if we don’t invest our time wisely here on earth, our life in eternity can be a very bad ordeal. I do truly Pray his relationship with The Lord was real, and that Jesus was Lord over his life and not just as a Savior.
It’s the ground floor of what Parker hopes is a rise to NBA referee, which would make him the first former NBA player since Haywoode Workman to complete that path. The competition in the Corporate League game is spirited and physical, even if it’s played well below the rim. The stakes are high enough for the center to approach Parker and vehemently protest a call near the end of a close game. His aggression could’ve prompted a tech from a ref with a lighter trigger. “But as a former player, I understand those emotions,” Parker reasons.
Bryant had responded with stinging public insults — most notably calling Parker the worst player in the NBA — and the two never spoke again despite starting 157 games together in the Lakers backcourt. Just last year, Parker’s name surfaced in two of Bryant’s interviews, both in unflattering terms. “Things that I said, I was young, I put it out there, I shouldn’t have,” Parker says. “But Kobe still has things to say about me. At this point, I really think that Kobe loves me with how much he talks about me.”