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Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry
Position: G
Born: 03/14/88
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:185 lbs. / 83.9 kg.
Salary: $45,780,966
With a half-dozen games to his name this season, Thompson now is averaging 21.3 minutes per game. His previous career low was 24.4 minutes as a rookie. Yes, he still is in the starting lineup but he’s playing short stints and sitting on the bench for long periods of time.  That isn’t easy, especially for a shooter trying to find his stroke and get a rhythm after so much time off.  “Everything he’s gone through, two and half years off, the minutes restriction, not really being able to find a flow — it’s tough,” Curry said. “But you have to keep the big-picture mindset of everything he’s going through.  “Obviously we’re rockin’ with him, and every shot he takes we think it’s going in. Nothing changes on that.” 
Stephen Curry’s buzzer-beating, step-back jumper from just beyond the free-throw line delivered more than a mere victory. This 105-103 win over the Rockets represented a cleansing of soiled souls. “We needed it, obviously,” Curry said after the first walk-off shot of his 13-year NBA career.. “A great, great win,” coach Steve Kerr said. “One of the best wins of the season under the circumstances of where we are right now.”