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Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson
Position: -
Born: 04/05/78
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Earnings: $68,866,243 ($83,234,496*)
NBA Central: It’s great to see Stephen Jackson give Allen Iverson his flowers while he’s still here “You mean a lot to us. We can’t lose you, we just lost Kobe.” 🖤 (🎥 All The Smoke)

Jared Weiss: When I asked Jaylen Brown about Stephen Jackson’s antisemitism earlier this summer, some people were upset that during his condemnation, he did not remember to specifically disavow antisemitism. I think he made his stance pretty clear with his post-game fit.

NBA star and Port Arthur native Stephen Jackson partnered with the Feed Your City Challenge, an initiative backed by the Ricky Davis Legacy Foundation, to help people whose food security had already been threatened by the coronavirus’ economic damage. “My grandmother and grandfather gave to this community my whole life. They always gave back,” Jackson said. “Over the years, (giving back) is something I fell in love with … because it was already in my heart. This area has been going through so much the last couple of years.”
Jackson implored other NBA players to step up to the challenge. “We talk about supporting each other. We talk about brotherhood. But you have brothers out on the ground doing this work,” Jackson said. “We need y’all’s support. The work is going to get done regardless, but we need y’all’s support. This is really a reality check for everybody who takes things for granted.”
The west side of Charlotte is where former NBA players Rasheed Wallace and Stephen Jackson spent their Saturday afternoon. “We’re here to help,” said Wallace. “That’s our job. It doesn’t matter if we’re playing anymore. We do this because the people need help and we’re straight action.” Both players got a chance to meet everyone in the community by organizing a march and rally pushing for change.
Jackson, a long-time friend of George Floyd, whose death ignited the movement, says he won’t let anyone forget him. “My brother’s death is not going to go in vain,” he said. “His name is going to be the name of change. Every time you hear the name George Floyd, it’s going to be the name of change and we [are] going from state to state showing our people that we love them.”