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Stephon Marbury
Stephon Marbury
Position: -
Born: 02/20/77
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:205 lbs. / 93 kg.
Earnings: $151,115,945 ($204,524,687*)
But this is all water under the bridge now. Durant gave an interview to Barkley, in which he gave thoughtful answers as opposed to those of the one-word variety, on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” Tuesday night, and they taped a podcast that was released Wednesday on Durant’s internet platform, The Boardroom. In the TNT interview, Barkley expressed his oft-stated qualms with social media and the frivolity of responding to idiots, while Durant maintained that he likes being in the mix and no longer takes it personally. They also discussed The Boardroom, where Durant says he stays involved in projects like their Stephon Marbury documentary from beginning to end, but also allows the talented producers they’ve hired to do their jobs.
Marbury compared the Nets star to Muhammad Ali, an iconic boxer that worked tirelessly on social justice issues during his time. “Ali would be proud of you” “Nah they can’t cut and edit these God words spoken. It’s all love here and this soul speaking got a[n] ARMY behind him.” “You [are] bringing the vaccinated and unvaccinated together. That’s a different power. No one [has] ever seen it before,” Marbury comments.
Von Buchwaldt: He made Marbury look silly at times. And you’re like, that’s a guy you know is going to go in the NBA in the lottery. He was a freshman but Steve had his way with him. Winn: At that time (Allen Iverson) was the No. 1 point guard. This is a guy that when you watch what he does, can dribble, go to the hoop, dunk it, you’re like, Steve is in that class? Fizdale: He was a badass.
“It seems the threat will always be real no matter the time period in life. Kyrie is one of the realist humans on the earth let alone one of the coldest point guards to ever play the game of basketball with more time to wine and dine us. Because his mind sees differently than the crowd of people that speak frequently he’s a problem. He’s done things on the court we’ve never seen before. He’s a champion and if he never wins another championship he did more than a lot of people in his short time while living. If people stopped in the moment payed attention to the people pushing the narrative that he’s a problem it’s only because they can’t solve him. Take a look at most of the people writing about him and you’ll get your answer. It’s a gang of them and their built to tear down the culture assassinate your character your game while defaming your fame. These people who write my name parents wrote my name in vain and if it wasn’t their parents it was their grandparents. It’s all so familiar looking like how I look but it’s their book, we just keep them shook.”