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Steve Francis
Steve Francis
Position: -
Born: 02/21/77
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:195 lbs. / 88.5 kg.
Earnings: $103,501,131 ($135,295,527*)
Since restricted free agency has been implemented, there have been few cases of players demanding trades from teams that drafted them, namely Steve Francis with the Vancouver Grizzlies and Danny Ferry with the Los Angeles Clippers. However, with the value of qualifying offers increasing significantly, and player empowerment breaking new barriers each season, it’s no surprise that public discourse over the possibility of a premier player utilizing the qualifying offer has gotten louder.

Steve was going to play in Italy but finally received his trade wish in late August. The Houston Rockets traded for him in an eleven player deal. Francis sat down to discuss his thought process about almost playing in Italy just a few months ago. (Via Gully TV): “We were looking at Italy. We would’ve probably been the first ones to do it, you know just until that contract was up. I was going to take the chance because they would’ve gave me more than my rookie contract overseas.”
What’s the new era of your life involve? Steve Francis: With all that I’ve been through in my life and the journey that I’ve made through growing up on welfare, seeing family members involved with drugs and persevering through all of those things, I’m working on telling my story through a docuseries. We’re in the beginning stages of planning it. My life, overall, has been a blessing and I think telling my story can inspire someone else. I went through a lot, but was able to persevere and go to college, become a dad and be a leader in my community in Houston. I want to show all angles of my life, and also tell the stories of the people that I encountered along the way growing up in Washington, D.C., who didn’t have the platform that I have.
You’ve talked through the years — and in your article in The Players’ Tribune — about your dark years. Will we get stories about those dark years in more detail? Steve Francis: Yes, I’m going to be upfront. That dark time in my life, people perceived it as a deep problem like alcoholism. But if you really look at the things I was going through, it was kind of a lost period in my life. You have tragedy in your life. Death in your family, and death of your career. People are human beings. Just like any other person going through something like that, you get sick. I got sick, I had to go to the hospital and get well. I’m well now. But there was a lot of speculation about drugs and other things, and when those things come about, that’s when you know who your real core family is. I really look forward to tackling those questions in the docuseries.
A lot of people — myself included — will tell you that Vancouver is a great city. Did you ever come to like the place when you went up there to play? Steve Francis: I never got the opportunity to go out. When we went there to play, I always had security outside my hotel room. Security outside your room? Steve Francis: Yeah, buddy. People threw batteries at me. People had pictures of me with a pacifier. People were talking about my grandmother. It was a hostile environment. With everything that was going on, I think I handled it professionally.