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Steven Adams
Steven Adams
Position: C
Born: 07/20/93
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:255 lbs. / 115.7 kg.
Salary: $24,157,304
NBA on ESPN: In his book, Steven Adams recalls KD’s initial reaction to him being drafted by OKC. “I found out later that the moment I was drafted someone tweeted ‘WELP STEVEN ADAMS TO OKC’ and Kevin Durant apparently replied ‘smh’. He deleted the tweet and replaced it with ‘Welcome Steven Adams’.” Steven Adams via ‘Steven Adamas: My life, my fight’
Adams wasn’t doing interviews, but spoke to the crowd. “I did help put the court here, but it’s a family thing,” he said. “This court is for our babies, all the kids. Have fun using this court. It’s important we treat this as a family project and we try [to] maintain it as long as possible. Thank you for allowing me to do this. It’s an honour. t’s a gift from us to you guys.”
The net worth of the richest New Zealanders has been revealed in the latest rankings released by the National Business Review (NBR). For the first time the total wealth owned by those on the list exceeds $100 billion. It includes the likes of basketball star Steven Adams, former Prime Minister Sir John Key, US-based tech billionaire and New Zealand citizen Peter Thiel, and movie mogul Sir Peter Jackson.