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Tacko Fall
Tacko Fall
Position: C
Born: 12/10/95
Height: 7-5 / 2.26
Weight:311 lbs. / 141.1 kg.
Salary: $79,568
Kanter appeared on the “Gino Time Podcast” hosted by MassLive’s Tom Westerholm and The Boston Globe’s Nicole Yang where he shared how in awe he is of Fall’s perfect swinging form. Kanter is still deciding if he should upload the video or not. “I actually have a video of Tacko playing golf but I don’t know if I should post that or not.” “I was not actually on the golf course. I was FaceTiming Tacko and Tacko gave his phone to one of the assistant coaches. He actually hits the golf ball pretty good. I was shocked because obviously the clubs are not big enough and that stuff. But his form was perfect and he hit the ball I was pretty shocked at how good he could play.”
The Celtics opened up the Auerbach Center for individual player workouts on Monday, and we know of one player who took advantage of the now-open gym: fan favorite Tacko Fall. The Celtics big man has been having a hard time finding a place to work out during the NBA’s coronavirus hiatus. His 7-foot-5 build probably did him no favors while trying to get in a good workout from home, either. But Fall was seen arriving at the Auerbach Center in Brighton on Monday morning, giving Kevin Walsh of NBC a thumbs up as he parked at the facility.
While the NBA’s inroads in Africa have helped professionalize the basketball landscape in Africa and root out corrupt figures, there are undeniable elements of commerce and self-interest at play. Fall would like to take a leadership role as well. He’d like to regularly return to Africa—as he did last summer—to talk to players and their families about the realities, the promise and peril of the U.S. recruitment process. What would he tell a 16-year-old kid from Africa presented, as he was, with the opportunity to come to the U.S., and then forced to differentiate between forces of good and evil? “It’s hard. It’s hard to do,” he says. “Especially when you’re back home and people come and sell you a dream. It’s hard to turn it down.”
Everybody enjoys the spectacle that is Tacko Mania up close. Fans chant for him when he is not even in the building. Teammates receive a ho-hum response when they appear on the giant video screen compared with the elation a shot of Fall evokes. When supporters actually get a chance to see him in a game or in public? Pandemonium. “They’ve been really good about it and sometimes I feel bad, ’cause I don’t want to take too much attention from the team,” Fall says. “And especially with coach Brad, I don’t want them to see me like Tacko the rock star or Tacko the superstar. If you know me and the person I am, I don’t like to take too much attention away from them. But they actually give me attention, which is crazy.”
“If they had kept the voting the way it was years ago when it was like majority fan votes, I definitely would have rejected it,” Fall says. “There is no way I’m going to take the spot of like a Devin Booker, a Bradley Beal, those people that most people feel like should have been an All-Star. And then you have some rookie who barely plays five minutes a game just take a spot. I didn’t want that to happen.”
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Gordon also lost the 2016 dunk contest in similarly heartbreaking fashion to Zach Levine. “It’s a wrap, bro,” the Orlando Magic forward told reporters afterwards, signaling his dunk contest career is over. “I feel like I should have two trophies. … Jumping over somebody 7-5 and dunking is no easy feat. What did I get, like a 47? Come on, man. What are we doing?”
Fall has played in six games with the Celtics, averaging 3.2 points and 1.8 rebounds on 75 percent shooting in short those stints. His per-36 numbers are a sight to behold, but we’ll save that for another day. Fall has taken strides in a variety of areas since the summer, which is promising for Boston considering his unique size. “Tacko’s a different player. It’s unique when you’re trying to come up with a player development plan for Tacko. There’s not many guys to compare him to,” Barlow said. “You can look at guys like Boban (Marjanovic), Rudy Gobert to an extent, but even then Tacko is still six, eight inches standing reach longer than them. He’s done a really good job in the pick-and-roll. I think he’s shown that he’s more mobile than people might have thought.”
Brad Stevens reacts to the amount of votes for Tacko Fall for All-Star Game: “Obviously he’s played like 10 minutes here, so he shouldn’t be sixth in All-Star voting, but I get it.”

“He’s playing like a dominant force,” Mitchell said. “When he’s decisive and just goes out there and tries to punish people on both ends of the floor, he turns into the All-Star that he is. Nights like this, and nights like Detroit, he did the same thing. He’s playing at a really high level right now.” But will Gobert be an All-Star? That’s the pressing question. He’s averaging 14 points and 14 rebounds per game. His game isn’t flashy. He’s not going to dribble between his legs or throw down highlight dunks. His game, for how impactful it is, is still quiet to the casual fan. It’s the reason why he hasn’t made a dent in the fan vote. It’s the reason why Boston Celtics rookie Tacko Fall has more votes than he does.
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The New York Knicks were being blown out by double digits in their home opener, and New York fans had viciously booed Dennis Smith Jr., yet with three minutes remaining in what would be an ugly Knicks loss, the Madison Square Garden crowd was on its feet hollering with excitement. No, the fans were not cheering for their own players. They were chanting for two-way Boston Celtics center Tacko Fall. “We want Tacko!” fans chanted, clapping for emphasis. “We want Tacko!”
While Fall’s size is gawk-worthy, Stevens said he hopes the fans “appreciate him for how good of a kid he is and how hard he is working to make the NBA.” “Everybody is yelling because of his size,” Stevens said. “I get it. Every time he walks in the room, I say, ‘Man, he’s tall’ under my breath. But at the same time, I hope people appreciate him for who he is and how hard he is working.”