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Taurean Prince
Taurean Prince
Position: F
Born: 03/22/94
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Salary: $2,422,560
Taurean Prince: My parents taught me a lot of things — being grateful is one of the biggest. I’m two years into the NBA now, and of course I’m very grateful. But it’s one thing to just say you’re grateful. For me, it goes deeper than that. I can understand that if you look at someone like me — a guy who made it to the NBA, who’s playing in front of thousands of people — you might think, like, This was always meant to be. The path was always clear. But it wasn’t, and me being where I’m at now still surprises and humbles me. So I’m still always trying to remember what my parents taught me, and to remind myself how crazy it is that I’m here. And how I didn’t do it alone. And how grateful I am.
Taurean Prince: Once I heard my name get called [at the draft], everything sped up. As I was walking up to the stage I was thinking one thing over and over: Just don’t mess up the handshake. When I was a few feet from Adam Silver, I’m going, O.K., it’s showtime, Taurean. You can’t mess up this handshake … not on draft night, not on national TV. Then I called an audible. Adam Silver put out his right hand, and I stretched my arms out real wide. I don’t know where it came from, but I just thought at the last second, Nah, it’s hugging time. We hugged. Turns out the commish is a good hugger, too.
CAA Sports has signed Atlanta Hawks forward Taurean Prince for representation in all areas. Prince will be represented by a team of agents led by Dave Spahn and Steven Heumann. He was formerly represented by Impact Sports. Prince was the No. 12 pick in the 2016 NBA draft. He is averaging over 12 points and five rebounds a game and participated in the Rising Stars Challenge at NBA All-Star this year.