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Thaddeus Young
Thaddeus Young
Position: F
Born: 06/21/88
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Salary: $12,921,348
Despite a narrowing marketplace of salary cap space, one more formidable candidate could join the summer free agent class: Indiana Pacers forward Thaddeus Young. Young, 29, is seriously contemplating declining his $13.7 million player option for the 2018-19 season and becoming an unrestricted free agent, league sources told ESPN. He has until June 29 to make a decision on the option.
7 days ago via ESPN
Storyline: Thaddeus Young Free Agency
Others think [Cleveland will] do everything in their power to build a team that can make LeBron stay or keep them in playoff contention even if LeBron leaves. LeBron recruited Paul George to Cleveland last summer before a draft-night blockbuster deal fell apart, and league sources don’t believe Cleveland’s interest has waned.
How many shoes do you own? Rudy Gay: I would say close to 1,000. Thaddeus Young: If I had to estimate, I’d probably say it’s around 1,000. Maybe a little bit more. Mike Bibby: I’d rather not say. It’s a secret! (laughs) I don’t share much about my collection. There aren’t any public pictures or videos of my shoes. Sometimes, I’ll let people come over and check out my closet, but I tell them, “No pictures or video.” That’s my rule.
What’s the most you’ve spent on a pair of shoes? Thaddeus Young: The most I’ve spent was about $4,000 on the Yeezy Red Octobers. But someone actually made me an offer on them, so I ended up selling them for $6,000. I was like, “Sure, why not!” Then, I ended up getting another pair of those for about $2,000. Those joints were so hard to come by, it was crazy. But it worked out! Another pair I spent a lot on were the “Legend of the Summer” Jordan 2s, which are also all red. Those were $4,000 too, but I’m keeping those! My “Eminem” Jordan 2s were just under $4,000 too. But yeah, $4,000 is the most I’ve spent.