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Thon Maker
Thon Maker
Position: F-C
Born: 02/25/97
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Salary: $3,569,643
Keith Langlois: Teams don’t commit three roster spots necessarily to true centers any more. You’ve got Andre as a true center and maybe not another true center on the roster as you look at it now. Thon Maker can play there, Christian Wood maybe can play there, Morris can play there. Do you envision having an every-night backup center or could it be more situational depending on need? Dwane Casey: I see it being very situational. The other guy we haven’t mentioned, we have played Blake at the five. Not good numbers off of that, so I don’t anticipate that but there are scenarios in the game, last two minutes of the game, where Blake could play the five. Looking for really a bump out of Thon, playing him at four/five, whatever it is, but a lot of nights if you look at the league, the rosters have gotten smaller and the traditional five has kind of gone the way of the dinosaur. The flexibility we have with Thon, with Markieff having the possibility of playing there, is really important.
Maker set himself up in Orange County, California – close to his younger cousin, Makur – and effectively created a training den under the guidance of the experts at Irvine’s ASICS America Headquarters. Jordan Lawley, a renowned NBA skills coach, would head the basketball portion of Maker’s development, while Sazi Guthrie was the sports scientist in charge of improving the big-man’s body. The goal, in effect: channel ‘mixtape Thon’. “The Pistons want me to go back to that, that same way,” Maker told, sitting along the baseline after one of his multiple-times-a-day skills sessions.”
Thon Maker: “It helps us as a team. You see Andre (Drummond) doing that, grabbing and going. It’s not grab and go, and necessarily go finish it. If you have the lane, go ahead and finish it, but more to get the offensive moving, get everybody running. You see Andre does it a lot. He’ll come down, get it out to the shooters on the wings, and it’s so dangerous; it’s hard to stop. The offence is flowing, everybody’s spreading, nobody’s waiting and clogging on the lane. They want me to get better in that area.”
That atmosphere was a metaphor, of sorts; the Pistons told Maker they were ready to embrace the style of play he’d been so used to over his junior career, and that gave him a sense of freedom, and a new-found confidence. “As soon as they had the conversation with him, telling him ‘we want you to be more aggressive’, we want you to put the ball on the ground and get to the rim’, it gave him the realisation that he’s back to normal,” Lawley told “It gave us the opportunity to work on those things that he’s been doing his whole career; he’s just had to put it on pause while he was at Milwaukee.”
Despite playing against Andrew Bogut in the NBL, Froling says he’s not going bother the Boomers great while he’s on his playoff run with the Warriors, but says he has a close friendship with the Pistons Thon Maker. “I’ve talked to Thon a lot,” Froling tells ESPN. “We’ve been really close friends, and he’s been telling me, ‘you’re an NBA player, you just need to put it all together. You’ve got the pieces to build a Ferrari, you just need to build the Ferrari.’
4 months ago via ESPN