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Tim Duncan
Tim Duncan
Position: -
Born: 04/25/76
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:259 lbs. / 117.9 kg.
Earnings: $245,964,351 ($1,201,451*)
Popovich saw the improvement that came from Leonard’s work, and even with mainstays Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili still playing a prominent role, Popovich gained confidence that Leonard could assume a greater role over time. “He worked his ass off with those guys,” Popovich said of Leonard’s work with player development. “Ballhandling, pick-and-roll, shooting a 3-pointer, stepbacks, all that sort of stuff. He came before practice, he stayed after practice. And as time went on, toward the end of his time with us, the two Miami series is when we kind of opened it up for him. Like, ‘You’re going to be the guy now, because Timmy is getting older, Manu is getting older, Tony is getting older.’ And he had a great series the year we lost in ’13, and then he was the MVP the next year, in ’14.”
Gary Trask: Former #NBA star @Tony Parker playing in the $10k @WSOP Main Event today. Told us he’s been playing #poker for 20 years & during his days with @spurs “Timmy (Duncan) and Michael Finley were the best players” on the felt. “But not as good as me,” he smiled.

In San Antonio, taking a lead role in an H-E-B commercial is akin to following Laurence Olivier as Hamlet. Johnson said he is aware of the Duncan-sized shoes he is being asked to fill. “It is an honor and a blessing to go and put on a jersey for the Spurs and to be in those commercials,” Johnson said. Thematically, the commercials traditionally range from silly to comically absurd — think Ginobili and Parker wearing Greek togas, Bowen playing bongo drums or Leonard overpronouncing the word “indubitably.”
“Trust me, if I knew it was okay to team up after Houston busting my ass in 94, I would have went and played next to Hakeem … I would have went to go play with Tim Duncan and Dave Robinson … But I was like nope. I’m checking my leaks, licking my wounds, and I want to beat these dudes and we did. “Rob got seven, I got four but whenever we saw something, we hate.”