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Tony Allen
Tony Allen
Position: -
Born: 01/11/82
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:213 lbs. / 96.6 kg.
Earnings: $40,698,419 ($46,153,150*)
At this moment, the 6-foot-4, 220-pound Allen drops into a defensive stance. He pretends to shade Doncic to the supersized point guard’s left. “Go right. Do whatever you’re going to do,” Allen yells, sliding as he speaks. “You going to drive and lay it up? All right, I’m going to contest. Can you step back going right? OK then! You’re going to have to do everything to that right side. And what if you try to come back? I’m right here, motherf—er. I’m taking it! “You can’t get discouraged with prolific players. They’re going to score, but your job is to contain it and cut it down.
With 9:55 left in the first quarter, Allen found himself back on the Boston Celtics’ bench. Late in the fourth quarter, Allen was back on the court and back in Bryant’s face. With the Lakers leading by nine points with 2:39 left, Bryant rose for one of his trademark fadeaway jumpers. Allen got his hand in Bryant’s face — and on Bryant’s arm. Basket. Foul. Game over — in Allen’s case, literally. “I fouled out in eight minutes,” Allen said. “I was a deer in headlights.”
Gasol and Tony Allen both finished in the top five in voting, but it was ultimately Gasol who walked away with the award. In second place, however, was MVP winner James. He was very close to winning both MVP and DPOY in the same season, and on “Road Trippin’,” he jokingly claimed that Gasol stole the award from him. Gasol responded to these comments, saying that he’d love to discuss it with James over a glass of wine, according to Dave McMenamin of ESPN: “We can talk over it with some wine if he wants to. If it’s anybody’s trophy, I believe that trophy is for the Grizzlies. The team that deserved to have that trophy was the Grizzlies. For some reason they picked me. If anybody could claim that trophy, it’s Tony Allen. At the same time — not that I want to or care about — but I could say I’ve been stolen from All-NBA First Team. I believe I should be there, but I don’t care. We can have a good laugh about it if he wants to. If not, I’m sure he can go get it this year too if he wants to.”