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Tony Parker
Tony Parker
Position: -
Born: 05/17/82
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:177 lbs. / 80.3 kg.
Earnings: $168,282,460 ($193,278,833*)
“I’ve always taken great inspiration from what the Spurs did forever,” Sheppard said, citing the franchise famous for Manu Ginobili (Argentina), Tony Parker (France) and even Tim Duncan (Virgin Islands) as successful overseas stars. “They were the gold standard. It’s not like they said, ‘Let’s go get international guys.’ It kind of organically grew that way. You take a lot of notes over the years and you see what works in different places.”
CJ McCollum is a household name in the NBA. The Portland Trail Blazers star is one of the top scorers in the league but he also was a rookie and had to learn his lessons. In a recent Q&A the 29-year-old guard answered questions about Europe. One of the questions he was asked was about first European player to give him trouble in the NBA. After thinking for a bit, McCollum name the French legend Tony Parker. “Yeah, Tony [Parker]. He could do whatever he wanted. Mid-range, floaters, get to the cup. I didn’t play a lot my rookie year but the times I did play he played extremely well against me.”