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Tony Snell
Tony Snell
Position: F
Born: 11/10/91
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:200 lbs. / 90.7 kg.
Salary: $9,821,429
Tony Snell’s teammates break his heart a little every day. They just don’t know it. He’s looking at them, ready to talk, ready to share, ready to just be in their presence. He is a man of few words but a conversation with him means he’s locked in, studying your body language and the expression in your eyes. But they’re checked out. “I go into the locker room and everybody’s got their head down on their phone the whole time,” said Snell. “I’m the only one who’s got my head up. “It’s the saddest thing ever. Technology is the worst. Everybody walks like this (Snell staggers with his head down), not even paying attention. It’s the worst thing ever.”
Even with Tony Snell’s grandfather Shedric Brown Sr. and uncles Eric and Shunte Brown to look out for him, Snell had to grow up quickly. Watts was rife with socioeconomic problems, gangs and crime. “It wasn’t comfortable – hearing gun shots nearly every night,” said Snell. “I was worried for my little sister.” And Sherika Brown (Snell’s mother) was terrified for them all. She bought all the latest video games to keep Snell at home. Other kids were welcome at her house, but her boy would be safe under her roof. When there were visits to the park and the playground, she went and watched Tony like a hawk. “I didn’t want him to be another statistic. Young black guy, dark skin, braids – typical how they look in L.A., but I said, ‘not my son,’ ” said Brown. “So I would go and sit in the parks with him. All day – just to watch him. “People would say, ‘You’re so overprotective.’ Well, you people need to be overprotective! You’re just sending your kids out here on the street? No. … It was hard as a single mom, but I did it. He wouldn’t have made it out of L.A. alive if I wasn’t overprotective.”