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Tracy McGrady
Tracy McGrady
Position: -
Born: 05/24/79
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:210 lbs. / 95.3 kg.
Earnings: $163,057,818 ($212,641,828*)
Charles Oakley has certain reputations. They were on full display in this story told by Oakley’s former Raptors teammate, Tracy McGrady. McGrady on “All The Smoke:” I ain’t going to say my man’s name. I don’t want to put him out there like that. We’re flying from Toronto to Sacramento. Bro, this is a long-ass flight, right? These boys got the big bottles of Jack Daniels. The whole plane ride, they’re drinking like crazy. I’m talking about, they’ve got a bunch of bottles. We land in Sacramento, and Oak is looking for the last bottle. My man don’t even want to drink no more. So, he hid the bottle under his seat. Oak walking up and down the bus on the way to the hotel. “Hey, man. Where the motherf—ing bottle at? Who got that last bottle?” And, boy, somebody pointed at buddy. “Hey, where the motherf—ing bottle at? You hiding the bottles?” Dog, Oak was looking around him, grabbed the bottle. Mind you, the dude is from Sacramento. Clean suit. He going home to see the fam. Big-ass bottle. “Oh, you trying to hide the bottle. Oh, you don’t want to drink no more? Alright, motherf—er, you’re going to wear this.” And drenched it on him. The whole bottle, bro.

Tracy McGrady, Jermaine O'Neal to start agency

That contact is about to become more frequent. McGrady and O’Neal, who have 13 N.B.A. All-Star appearances between them, said in a phone interview that they plan to open a player representation agency this fall. They will call it Seven1 Sports Group and Entertainment. The name is a mash-up of their jersey numbers from careers that propelled McGrady to induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2017 and enabled O’Neal to play for seven teams across 18 seasons and sign player contracts worth more than $150 million. If successful, they would become the most prominent players in N.B.A. history to enter the highly competitive and hard-to-break-into agent business.