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Tremont Waters
Tremont Waters
Position: G
Born: 01/10/98
Height: 5-10 / 1.78
Weight:175 lbs. / 79.4 kg.
Salary: $79,568
Enes Kanter: “He put the volleyballs in the middle and just said, ‘Go!’ And everybody [runs]. The guy that’s throwing on me was Tacko [Fall]. So he’s running one side, I’m on the other side. I picked up the ball — that was the first time I played dodgeball so I didn’t know like the balls were that light. So I went out, threw the ball, and it went to the moon. I’m like, ‘Oh no, this is ugly.’ And someone was filming it. So we actually beat the black team first, the white team beat the black team first and they were out. Then, the second game was white against green, and we played against Kemba [Walker], Jaylen Brown, Tremont [Waters] … Grant Williams. Same setup. White team one side, green team other side, coach said, ‘Go!’ and we pick up all those dodgeballs, green team got none, and we literally just destroyed them.”
Storyline: Orlando Bubble