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KG: I talked to Russ a couple times about personal s–t—real recognize real—but I respect his talent. I respect his appetite. We have a similar background. We have a similar path, if you will. I played with guys like Steph [Marbury] when we were super best friends, and he left, and that left an immediate mark and impacted me in a certain way that I looked at teammates different after that. The ones that stuck—Malik [Sealy], Sam Mitchell, Joe Smith, Gary Trent, Trenton Hassell, Troy Hudson—those guys became real friends with me after that because of that situation.
With training camp less than two weeks away, a handful of players were at the Celtics practice facility yesterday working out for team president Danny Ainge. Adam Morrison, Rashad McCants, Trenton Hassell, and Cuttino Mobley were a few of the names that rung out. “Just taking a look before training camp,’’ Ainge said. “Those guys are all good NBA players. I thought all four guys looked very good, actually.’’
“McCants looked really good,” Ainge said. “He shot the ball well, he competed at a high level. I’m really surprised that he’s not in the NBA right now. Same with Adam Morrision, making shots, making passes. The guys looked hungry they looked fit. And that’s with Hassel and Mobley too. Mobley for being out of basketball the last couple years the guy really knows how to play.” Ainge also confirmed he was considering former Nets assistant Roy Rodgers to replace the Celtics former big man coach Clifford Ray. “Nothing’s finalized but we’ve had conversations,” Ainge said.