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Trey Burke
Trey Burke
Position: G
Born: 11/12/92
Height: 6-0 / 1.83
Weight:191 lbs. / 86.6 kg.
Salary: $2,257,814
The night before the Sixers played the Oklahoma City Thunder, Burke did what he does the night before every game. He loads up his season on NBA 2K, he chooses his team — the Sixers, of course — and precisely customizes the audio settings to his liking. Player chatter volume is turned all the way up, crowd volume up, and commentary volume down — as realistic as he can get to simulating the live sounds of the NBA arena he’s preparing to play in the following day. Next, he changes the camera setting to focus on one player — himself, and wherever he is on the court, even if say, he’s on defense, and far from play action.
Burke then sets up his cell phone to record the game that he’s about to play, including the audio and commentary of his own voice, while he plays. “I am actually talking as if I’m on the court, and I use our terminology, I get real descriptive with it,” Burke said. “If my man is off the ball, I’m yelling out, ‘I’m off the ball, I’m off the ball!’ … And I know my minutes and when I’m going to be in, so I won’t sub myself in until that time. I try to be real precise with it.” “I think it’s a great way to see yourself in the moment,” Burke then corrects himself. “Or see yourself before you get in the moment.”
Trey Burke’s father, Alfonso Clarke Burke II, better known as Benjie Burke, stated on Instagram Monday a desire to have his son traded due to lack of playing time. An Instagram account that is identified as belonging to Sixers reserve center Kyle O’Quinn was among the hundreds of likes the message received before the post was deleted. The post read: “Man get my dude off this team. Killing him. They will not get out the east without bench scoring. Free TB23 please.”
The team provided the following statement on behalf of Burke. “Earlier today, I was made aware of my dad’s social media post,” the statement read. “While I appreciate the support he’s shown throughout my career, his comments don’t reflect how I feel and we’ve addressed that. My focus is doing whatever I can to help this team win a championship. I appreciate the support this organization, the fans and city of Philadelphia have shown me.”
Storyline: Trey Burke Trade
Coach Brett Brown added:”I thought Trey was really good today” before adding that Neto did some good things, too. “I think Trey got that sort of dynamic dance with the ball, waterbug-type game that can keep defenses off balance,” Brown said. “I’ve experienced it as the opposition coach trying to guard it. I thought it was a very good day.”
“As is standard for this time of year, we were exploring various options on potential trades,” said Scott Perry, General Manager, New York Knicks. “Considering the uncertainty regarding Kristaps’ free agent status and his request today to be traded, we made a trade that we are confident improves the franchise. We thank Kristaps, Tim, Courtney and Trey for their contributions and wish them all the best.”