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Trey Murphy
Trey Murphy
Position: G
Born: 06/18/00
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:205 lbs. / 93 kg.
Salary: $3,053,760
Trey Murphy signed with the Pelicans last month, and his contract guarantees him millions of dollars. Still, he said, he’s in no hurry to move on from his 2014 Acura RLX. “It’s a solid car, and I think I have other priorities that I want to spend my money on,” Murphy said. “Then after I see my budget and everything, how the chips fall in, I’ll decide what car I want.” The NBA works with rookies to help them develop sound money-management strategies, and Murphy has financial advisors, too. “They’re really good people,” he said. “I’m going to listen to what they have to say, obviously, because they’ve been doing this for a while.”
Both players performed well for their teams. Kuminga scored 17 points, while his counterpart Murphy III scored a game-high 22 points. The Pelicans came away with the overtime victory, and Kuminga left the game with the respect of one of his peers. “He’s (Kuminga) a great player,” Trey Murphy said about the Warriors rookie. “You have to use your length against guys like that because it makes it difficult for them. You can’t try to beat him with strength because he’s going to beat you in that category, so you have to use your length in order to stop him or make it difficult.”