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Tyler Herro
Tyler Herro
Position: G
Born: 01/20/00
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:195 lbs. / 88.5 kg.
Salary: $5,722,116
“Charlotte’s in a tough position with the (Miles) Bridges thing, they have (Steve) Clifford coming in, they’re in a position to rest things a little bit around LaMelo Ball. Hayward has two years left,” the exec continued. “If you want to give up [Tyler] Herro before you pay him and you want to move [Duncan] Robinson, you would have to add a pick, but those two guys and Omer [Yurtseven], that might be enough to get Hayward if the Hornets decide to reconfigure. It’s a short-term move for Miami, but they need to make their move now. You can play him at the 3 and go big or go small at the 4. He’s a guy they’ve had interest in before.”
After following his Sixth Man of the Year runaway with a shaky, injury-marred postseason — Herro averaged 13 points on 41% shooting, including an ugly 23% on 3s — Herro is perhaps the most polarizing high-wattage player in the NBA. He has reached this strange point just as he becomes the key veteran in any potential Miami Heat trade package for Kevin Durant, Donovan Mitchell, or whichever star becomes available next. The Heat so far have not gotten much traction on either front, but they are still trying and can never be counted out. If Miami pulls off a superstar trade, it’s going to be in part because the team on the other end is higher on Herro than consensus.
Herro almost suffers from his own success, and the Heat’s. He has played 40 postseason games. Barnes has played four, Barrett five. Barnes and Barrett retain the allure of the unknown. They have not faced the best teams, over and over, or been central players in the only game of the night in late May and June. They have not battled the nastiest defenders in the highest-stakes games, been the target of specific game plans, or guarded superstar scorers with everything on the line. Herro has faced all of that, and the results have been — as you’d expect — uneven. We’ve seen his warts. He feels more like a finished product, but Herro is still just 22.