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Tyler Honeycutt Rumors

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Ex-UCLA basketball star Tyler Honeycutt’s suicide after a standoff with police officers last year caused nearly $200K in property damage … so says an insurance company that is now suing Honeycutt’s estate for the cash. As we previously reported, cops were called to a place Honeycutt was renting in Sherman Oaks, Calif. back on July 6, 2018 to respond to a call about a man with a gun in the residence. When they arrived, Tyler — who had played for the Sacramento Kings from 2011 to 2013 — fired shots at the officers … and an hours-long standoff ensued.
The day after the tragic death of Tyler Honeycutt, his mother, Lisa Stazel, is convinced that he was shot dead by the police, as she tells to Israeli Sport5. She described the events before the police’s involvement: “He planned to go and get help that day, but then he started to get so upset and I could not understand him. He really wanted to go back to the NBA, and he had an agreement to play in the summer league for Oklahoma, but they got the MRI tests and he had a knee problem. It was a huge disappointment for him. I told him that if he started to act aggressively I had to involve the police. So I called the police and they came and killed my child. They tried to tell me he shot himself. He was depressed and he assured me that he would never hurt himself because he knew it would hurt me, he promised me that”.
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